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    Quote Originally Posted by superbrad View Post
    I have to ask... Did the flight take place directly after the court appearance?

    My fave knives are my moras... Yeah, they don't have that cool factor but I work my knives hard and these things hold up... And for the price,you can keep a half dozen around and sharp at all times...

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    I am just reading this for the first time and that was my first thought. Thanks Rob for clarifying!

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    I live among the creatures of the night (Edmonton)
    Kershaw "Needs Work". I've had it for years. It's got a nice heavy, dead straight blade. It's very easy to sharpen and holds an edge for a VERY long time. The handle is tilted back a bit so if you need to cut something off cleanly on a flat surface, it's dead simple. All you have to do to open it is push on a tang on the back of the blade....way faster and easier to open than any assisted opener with a thumb spur. I've been a knife critic for years, and I have nothing bad to say about this knife.

    Go to the 2 minute mark to see the guy opening it a couple times and you'll see what I mean. No, it's not video lag...the blade really does come out that fast. If you prefer a curved blade, they make one called a Cyclone that's the same design.

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    My buck strider sbmf tactical is my edc knife. i cant kill it. i tell people the sbmf stands for solidly built mother frigger.

    My got to belt knife is a bark river kephart full tang. Best little bushknife a guy could want.
    I'd rather make a difference than a dollar.

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    Love my Leathermen.... yes "men", I have the old Wave (no screwdriver bit tool) and a C33 pocket...
    I hate serrated blades, unless it's a dedicated steak knife I have others, but these are my two most used tools.
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    Still have the Gerber I bought to replace the one I was issued... Don't remember the model, but the small flathead screwdriver on it is broken off.

    Take note - never try to clear an 858 FTE with a flathead screw driver

    I'd like to have it fixed though... ole faithful's been with me for close to 7 years and done everything from gardening, to renovations, to mounting scopes, to reloading. I'm quite attached to it, to be honest

    I also have a Victorinox "Champ" I started carrying again. I've had it since I was a young boy, obsessed with Swiss Army knives.

    It's good for the smaller, more delicate jobs.

    I don't carry it, but my Grandmother gave me a Victorinox "Camping" knife, I think when I turned 9. I should have that mounted in a display somewhere. I never liked knives, weaponry, or anything "manly" before she gave me that.

    Thank the good Lord my Dad didn't take it away from me after I got expelled from High School for pulling a knife on a bunch of grade 12 students when I was in grade 10.

    He took most of my other knives away and gave me one heck of an arse-whoppin'. I had it coming though and am glad he did.

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    Picking a favorite is a hard one for me. I have many knives and they all have different purposes. My EDC consists of at least 3 knives. I carry a Emerson Mini CQC-7 front right pocket. I carry a Strider Tanto DGG SnG and a Strider SJ75 both in Lifter's Leather sheaths on my belt. Each one has a different role and is part of many of the knives I use all the time. If I am going to go into my warehouse and break down boxes or cut open a lot of plastic straps a simple partially serrated Spyderco Delica is hard to beat.

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    My Eickhorn KM1000. It's great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drache View Post
    It's really hard to pick a favorite for me since it totally depends on what I really need to do. Overall my favorite is my Applegate Fairbairn knife since I've owned two of them. After that I love my minibuck when it comes to field dressing an animal.
    Applegate Faibairn folders 3 sizes 3 favorites don't leave home without at least 2 of them plus small Swiss Army for the little jobs

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    My Fallkniven A1 is used mostly around the house now as a kitchen knife haha, but I love it. The Gerber Ultimate knife is what I use in the bush mostly. I've never been so hard on a knife before, so I really like it.

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    I am carrying a SOG Aegis Tanto.
    Nothing special, its relatively cheap
    Its a bit stiff but nothing some oil and regular use can't fix
    There are many better alternatives but I got it at the right price

    Stew Chunks

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