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    Quote Originally Posted by Swampdonkey View Post
    How so? His melodrama is part of the show, and he communicates well. He also makes his point when many others are too afraid or lazy.
    You are right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJSpeller View Post
    I disagree.

    A political movement needs bulldogs as much as it needs deep thinkers. He did good work on the Suzuki file, the CBC, the oil sands, other things that politically correct media don't want to touch. He exposes hypocrisy like no one else does.
    And Ezra's ALL that. Plus, he actually believes in what he does and the Rebel believes in us (gun owners).

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    The Rebel have really been our supporters. Lilley is great.

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    Go Pig or Go Home

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    the1000, Election 2015 - Next Steps (Part 2) - Ep 37
    Oct 31, 2015

    I'm looking forward to the Kim Campbell stuff in the future/upcoming videos.

    At the end of this video he suggests snail mailing Liberals/NDP not on guns, but instead on positive things they can support that we want like:
    - property rights
    - transparency
    - improved freedom of information
    - approved civilian control over police forces
    "Things that are vitally important to us, that don't have guns in them, because 'guns' to the left are a four letter word and we have to work our way around them. Not that we're gonna give up. Not that we're gonna give in. Not that we're gonna forgive these people, and we're never gonna forget them, and you know we're never ever gonna compromise, but we have to be tricky with how we do this."
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    the1000, Election 2015 - Next Steps (Part 3) - Ep 38
    Nov 1, 2015

    Sincere Remembrance of those fallen, and the tomb of the unknown soldier.


    the1000, Election 2015 - Next Steps - (Part 4) - Ep 39 (two episodes in one)
    Nov 2, 2015

    Trudeau deserves more respect than gun owners have given him.
    Gun control isn't a vote getter, in the sense that it won't get them one more vote that they don't already have, and destroys the ability to be credible in a substantial portion of the country.
    Liberals only got 1/4 of the votes; 3/4 of voters didn't vote for them. (seems only fair to mention this, since they did previous years)
    We have to figure out how to get the 10% of voters that are not philosophically attached to a party, in our camp; as well as those in our camp who don't vote or who vote on non-substantive issues.
    Decriminalize simple possession of marijuana vs not decriminalize simple possession of a firearm? Certainly the drug business is responsible for far more casualties every year than the firearms business.

    6,930,136 voted Liberal, out of 25,638,379 registered electors.
    Or 27% of possible voters gave them a majority government of 54% of the seats.

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    Nov 4, 2015
    Election 2015 - Next Steps (Part 5) - Ep 40

    If you watched 39 a few days back, you've seen this one.
    39 a few days back was really two episodes, including all of this.


    Nov 5, 2015
    Black is the new black! - Ep 41

    Need (food, clothing, shelter). Everything else is a want. Firearms are a want.
    Semi autos: mechanically interesting, historical (or kind of, civilian version).
    "If this was a human being sitting on my lap and you demonized it because it was black there'd be no end of trouble."
    "Black is the new black"
    Bolt action vs semi auto, same as, manual transmission vs automatic transmission. No difference. Both do the same job, go the same distance, go the same top speed, one has more moving parts. The main difference, in both guns and transmissions, is it's 50 years newer technology.
    If a politician is talking about banning semi auto, it's not an original thought, they're referring to Sarah Brady's ban a few to get them all.
    Semi auto's are safer, because of loading. Loading a firearm is the most dangerous time of the gun.
    "I didn't know it was loaded" is a sad reality in my world. A semi auto is always loaded, because it loads itself, and that knowledge by the user makes it a safer gun.
    First commercially successful semi auto in USA/Canada: 1907's Winchester 351. In 1910 Winchester made the 401 which is highly desirable with collectors. They worked just fine. Law enforcement used them in the roaring 20s. Nobody seemed to be twisted and warped about them. Remington made the Model A, quite a brilliant design. Then the M1 Garand is the first genuinely successful gas operated, which is more along the lines of an internal combustion engine than a recoil operated gun. Heckler and Koch makes a recoil operated that's a triumph of engineering over common sense that works and works well. But all it is is mechanical engineering.
    To say it is wrong is just like trying to turn back time, to go back in time like luddites trying to get rid of the sewing machine. You can do it but it doesn't make any sense and it's a futile effort.
    Not fond of the A-Team. Wouldn't let his kids watch it, because his kids understood that firearms are inherently dangerous and have to be treated with extreme respect, yet that show had guns that were shot at people that never hurt anyone. The A-team was irresponsible.
    Sylvester Stalone apologized that his movies caused additional gun control.

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    Poppies - Ep 44
    Nov 10, 2015

    White poppy 364 days of the year only due to free speech, but not on November 11th.
    White poppy is for traitors. It was started with a pacifist movement in England in the 1930s, run by British fascists, financed by Hitler, who spent their academic time ridiculing Churchill's warnings about the arming of Nazi Germany. The white poppy people were quislings, and collaborators; who wanted a fascist puppet government.
    White doesn't mean peace here. Red is for remembering the blood shed.
    11th month, 11th day, 11th hour -- was when the killing stopped.


    Mass Murders - Ep 45
    Nov 12, 2015

    Biggest mass murder's in Canada
    - 6000 native Indians in school
    - Air India disaster 300+ people
    Mentioning polytechnique and not these, is racist.
    - 28 dead Montreal's Blue Bird Café 1972, downstairs bar, doors shut, gasoline poured down stairwell.
    Survivors had trouble getting a plaque put up.

    Canadian gun control and Australian gun control is due to anti-Americanism.

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    Common Law vs Napoleonic Law
    Nov 18, 2015

    what is not forbidden is permitted
    -- common law, "Democratic Government & Politics", by JA Corry and JE Hodgetts, 1959

    as opposed to the Napoleonic Code in which you are given permission from the government about what you may do.

    Canada has gone from the 1950's, to where we're being given the government's permission to do almost everything (or we instinctually check to see if we have permission before starting anything). In Saskatchewan he first has to get a Wildlife Identification Number to get permission to get a Hunting Licence or Fishing Licence.
    And of course FAC vs PAL.

    Pierre Trudeau's 1978 FAC was fought wildly. Pierre got 11 bags of mail a day about this, which were weighed without being opened before being taken down and incinerated.
    The FAC was the government giving you permission to purchase a firearm.
    In Canada that FAC is a pre-purchase background check, as opposed to the American system were you buy the gun and then you get the background check.
    If the FAC were removed, no Canadian could buy guns.
    That it didn't impede the guns you already owned was considered a flaw by the bureaucrats
    One thing that I really like about gun people is that they are really law abiding -- people obeyed that law. They didn't like it. Some never bought another firearm, a massive form of passive resistance.
    But when Allan Rock brought in the firearms possession licence, I now need permission from the government to conduct my own business on my own property with my own property. That is new to Canada. That is Napoleonic Code law.
    Pierre Trudeau was obsessed with Quebec Separatism and he brought in official bilingualism. I don't think bilingualism is a big price to pay, so let's go ahead and do it.
    Because Quebec's law is based on France's (rather than the Criminal Code which evolved from Common Law style), and we now require bureaucrats to be bilingual, we're getting more bureaucrats trained in Napoleonic Code law and our laws are evolving that way. Because of their training, much of which comes out of France, are changing the way our legal system runs. This is very desirable to the bureaucrat, because the bureaucrat wants to control everything.
    The battle we will fight for the next 50 years will be the battle against the Napoleonic Code dominating in Canada, the government specifying what you can do and forbidding everything else.

    Make alliances about government control, not about just gun control.

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    the1000, more videos

    [nothing really worth watching in this batch]

    Fallacious Myths and other lies - episode 46
    Nov 28, 2015

    - NRA is not active in Canada
    - Assorted suspicions (money)
    - this is a mostly useless video

    Fully Automatic Myths Episode 47
    Dec 4, 2015

    - registered not used in crime
    - Fully Automatic similarities to Internal Combustion Engine
    - Smokeless gunpowder is much less dangerous than gasoline or propane
    - We don't live in a 'who needs it' society.
    - this is a mostly useless video

    Silencers Rant Prohibited weapons series Episode 48
    Dec 10, 2015

    - First thing to know is that silencers don't actually work.
    - bullets are supersonic, baffles go bad really quickly
    - We get really upright if mufflers/silencers are missing from cars, trucks, motorbikes.
    - So simple to make.

    The 1000 and other Firearms Organizations Episode 49
    Dec 15, 2015

    - this is a mostly useless video

    History of Rights Restrictions Episode 50
    Dec 18, 2015

    - 1972 Canadian Association of Chiefs Of Police issued their policy on gun control (not available to public)
    - this is a mostly useless video

    Switchblade Knives Episode 51
    Dec 29, 2015

    - Probably the most undangerous 'dangerous thing' that's ever been prohibited.
    - Has a safety that you have to release (otherwise they'd open in the pocket)
    - Easy opening knifes, because sometimes you have to hang onto something with your other hand
    - this is a mostly useless video

    Knife Control Episode 52
    Dec 30, 2015

    - Why are we always banning stuff? Because that's the fool's answer.
    - Australia has a number of authentic Japanese swords several from WWII, that the government required be ground down and the points be broken off, ruining their historical value.
    - England went to plastic beer glasses (the old safety glass ones shattered into little pieces harmlessly, the new plastic ones break into sharp knives)

    Historical Revolutions Episode 53 Why we are different
    Jan 5, 2016

    - France had the revolution with mob rule and guillotined dictators
    - Garibaldi dictator 1860
    - For a while american's were in favour of Cuba's Castro during the revolution because american's were more against the previous regime.
    - US founders like John Adams were afraid of having dictators with armies in the streets, so they created the 2nd amendment, and America hasn't had a dictatorship.
    - Alexis de Tocqueville's "Democracy in America" books, 1835/1840; extreme democracy electing sheriffs and dog catchers and lots of other lower offices.
    - American Civil War 1865; Canadian Confederation 1867. Greatest democracy was tearing itself apart over sectarian issues. The American Civil War affected Canadians -- we were appalled by the US civil war.
    - Some firearms laws are tougher in the USA. In Canada we can sell 1000s of miles away, whereas in the USA has to be within the same state. If you don't understand America, you don't understand when Canadians are different.
    - buy a book on the French Revolution. Those were really nasty times.

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