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    Got my .17 in the mail ... the girl at the post office was very surprised that it could be mailed

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    Great thread. Im already learning a lot. Thank OP.

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    I got 3 in the mail in the last year or so...2 are restricted...They came in a styrofoam cutout in a cardboard box...that's it...a combo came shipped together to a business address in town that I use after I asked that the pistol be shipped to my PO box as that is the address on my RPAL...Got em just the same...A couple dealers are offering hard cases and a lock to follow the letter etc...I guess that's fine as long as I can keep getting them...

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    Here's a good question considering the shipper is the only one that can claim insurance. When Canada Post looses the firearm, who is on the hook for it? Buyer or seller?

    I've always thought the shipper should reimburse the buyer and therefore insurance is up to the seller.

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    Just looking for clarification on what's actually correct. When I ship anything at work and it gets lost, we always ship another zero charge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tactical72 View Post
    Yes. Check the Westjet web site for specifics, but if I remember correctly, it must be transported in a sturdy hard sided case that is locked. When checking in, you MUST declare that you have a firearm in your checked luggage.
    I was thinking about taking a gun on a plan. Up until I saw that Westjet wants to charge an extra $100 handling fee on top of the baggage fee.

    At the end of the day after all the extra paper work and hassle, it is cheaper and easier to just ship it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linung View Post
    I was thinking about taking a gun on a plan. Up until I saw that Westjet wants to charge an extra $100 handling fee on top of the baggage fee...

    Firearms and ammunition

    While WestJet accepts firearms for scheduled flights within Canada and to/from the United States, regulations differ for some of our international destinations.
    Although some guidance is provided below for firearm and ammunition restrictions and embargos to/from some of our international destinations, this information may change or new restrictions/embargos may be introduced. Please be sure to contact the country of your destination for the most up to date information.
    You are responsible for ensuring that all necessary permissions, documentation and other requirements have been obtained or satisfied before travelling. WestJet accepts no liability in the event that your weapon is denied entry or is confiscated upon entry. Please contact your destination's consulate for further information.
    Firearms are restricted on flights to or from:
    Bermuda (BDA)
    Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (POS)
    Each firearm item will be considered a piece of your checked baggage allowance.
    All applicable checked baggage fees will be charged.

    Firearms acceptance criteria

    Firearms are permitted ONLY in checked baggage, and ONLY if the firearm is:
    Unloaded (declaration must be signed);
    Packaged in a locked, heavy-duty container or hard-sided (opaque) gun case;
    Restricted firearms must be locked with either a cable lock or trigger lock;
    Non-restricted firearms such as hunting rifles and shotguns do not require a cable or trigger lock.
    WestJet will accept the following types of firearms:
    BB guns
    Starter pistols
    Air pistols
    Paintball guns (Please note: carbon dioxide cartridges/tanks for paintball guns will only be accepted if empty, with the valve secured in the open position. Please see restricted items for more details.)
    Ammunition must be:
    Securely packaged and packed separately from the firearm, however it is permitted to be transported within the same container.
    Carried in sturdy baggage not weighing more than 5 kg (11 lb.) gross weight per person (excluding ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles)
    Packaged in the manufacturer's original container or an equivalent sturdy, durable container that provides sufficient cartridge separation
    Tasers and stun guns
    Tasers and stun guns are prohibited for transport

    Air Guns, Pellet Guns

    Air guns in checked baggage must be unloaded
    No CO2 cartridges may be packed
    Guns must be packed in suitable carrying cases
    Must be approved by a WestJet agent


    For sporting purposes only
    For your personal use only (personal allowances cannot be combined)
    Must be packed in secure boxes
    Quantities must not exceed 5 kg (11 lb) gross weight
    NO ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles
    Must not be altered
    Approval of WestJet Agent required.


    Must be unloaded with amunition packed separately
    Chambers must be empty
    A trigger lock must be in place
    Must be packed in locked, suitable carrying cases
    Approval of WestJet required.

    Rifles, Shotguns & Starter Pistols

    Must be unloaded with ammunition packed separately
    Chambers must be empty
    Must be packed in locked, suitable carrying cases
    Approval of WestJet required.
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    I recently sent a handgun away for warranty work and folded the authorization notice so that only the shipping address was visible. I’ll be damned if the post mistress didn’t open the entire for to read the info that was none of her business. Is that not a breach of their code of conduct or something? She got all butt hurt and started making a bunch of phone calls to see that if she should ship it. I had to tell her it was in a bunch of pieces and was technically no longer a firearm. Then she proceeded to ask of my other packages were firearms as well.
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