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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuddislav View Post
    I disclosed my anxiety disorder on my application
    So, what happened finally ?

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    From my experience I find its always good to call them up after 4-6 weeks if all you see is that the application in progress. When you call them it brings up your application and if they see its been 6 weeks since you filed, they jump right on it to get it done asap. In my case, I called after 6 weeks asking to know the status. The same day they called both by references and issued the License the same day.

    A friend of mine also called to know the status, and same thing. references called , License issued.

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    My daughter got her PAL/RPAL right on schedule, about 6 or 7 weeks after mailing in her documentation.

    Now I need to transfer some restricteds into her name so that she is on record as being an owner and can be grandfathered when the bans come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam X View Post
    So, what happened finally ?
    Still waiting. 81 days in.

    Last time I checked in they said they were busy and that waits of around 90 days wasn't unusual.

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    Alberta Rpal

    I just received my Rpal In the mail.

    Rpal course completed. 09/31/18
    Signed for by cfo in miramishi. 10/04/18
    Initial processing. 11/02/18
    Approved. 11/07/18
    Delivered.* 11/20/18

    Keep in mind I had my pal already it was just a upgrade but still goes threw as a new application.

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    My Ontario PAL/RPAL timeline

    August 31,2018 - My 10 year gun ban expired

    Sept 15/16 - Took the CFSC/CRFSC courses with (for the second time)

    Sept 23 - Received the CFSC/CRFSC test results/paperwork back from the course

    Sept 26 at 1:46pm - Mailed PAL/RPAL application with supporting documents and letter explaining why I had to answer "yes" to question 16. C) “During the past five (5) years, have you or any member of your household been prohibited from possessing any firearm?”

    Sept 28 at 2:26pm - Canada Post tracking shows application received at MIRAMICHI, NB

    Oct 29 - Online PAL application status updated to "processing your application"

    Nov 13 (46 days since they received my application) - Status still "processing" so called firearms center, they said it's been processed and is now with the CFO for approval. They suggested I NOT call and harass the CFO.

    Nov 20 - Status still "processing" so I call the CFO. He looks over my application and says my PAL is denied because CPIC says my gun ban expires in 2021. I explain that that's impossible, all my court stuff was finished in 2008, if it's a 10 year ban, can't be until 2021. I have the $55 RCMP criminal record check printed out, shows expiry August 31, 2018, are you sure? Want me to send it to you? He says he'll look into it. Calls me about an hour later and says I was right, CPIC was wrong. Good thing I called. Boom, license issued. No references called. Said he would update CPIC in case I get pulled over with guns in the car and it shows up I'm not allowed to have them, could go real bad if that happened.

    He told me my license number and expiry date but I don't want to start ordering guns online incase they start showing up before my card does, damn Canada Post strike Now I wait.

    -Jamie M.

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