Just keeping everyone up on times... I submitted for an RPAL back in early January. This was not a renewal technically but a new issue. I previously held an FAC back in the 90's/early 2000's that expired in 2001 but never ever held a PAL.

I never had to redo the courses as back when I did mine in 95/96 time frame the one course covered you for both non-restricted and restricted, and after a call to the RCMP to confirm, they did agree my original course was still valid to submit for an RPAL as is so I went ahead and did that.

Logging in online it showed them receiving my application on Jan 14/2022. On March 10 it showed that the initial review had begun and I would only be contacted if there were any issues with my application. Today, April 25 I logged in and it now says my license has been processed and issued and I should see it within two weeks, so basically just under 3.5 months from start to finish.