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    .50 Beowulf Magazine Classification Update

    As some of you know we were declined an IIC for the Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf magazines earlier this year. Foreign Affair Canada said they would not issue the IIC due to the controversy surrounding these magazines and asked that we get clarification on the matter from the RCMP. I then wrote to the RCMP asking for said clarification back in May and just now received their response. The following is a direct quote for the letter we received.

    The 50 Beowulf Magazine
    In the case of AR platform rifles chambered for 50 Beowulf calibre, the magazine is adapted from the original 5.56x45 NATO version of the magazine, generally by one or more of the following: widening the space between the magazine lips, changing the angle of the magazine lips and changing the feed angle of the magazine follower. The adaptations more efficiently feed the much larger diameter 50 Beowulf calibre cartridge. However, the original ability to contain and feed 5.56x45 mm NATO cartridges has not been deleted and the magazines remain serviceable for that purpose.
    The 50 Beowulf cartridge is centrefire and the AR platform rifles which use that calibre are semiautomatic. Thus, cartridge magazines for 50 Beowulf calibre firearms are prohibited if more than five 50 Beowulf cartridges can be contained in the magazine (subparagraph ii, as above).
    Magazines for the AR platform which contain four or five 50 Beowulf calibre cartridges present a more complicated situation. Such magazines will generally contain 11 and 14 cartridges respectively of 5.56x45 mm NATO (or 223 Remington) calibre. Since the 50 Beowulf calibre magazines are adapted from the original 5.56x45 mm NATO design and the ability of the magazine to perform as originally designed has not been compromised by the adaptation, such magazines are prohibited if they contain more than five 5.56x45 mm NATO cartridges. The magazines are in effect dual calibre magazines and will be prohibited if they exceed five shots capacity of either calibre.
    Magazines have recently been manufactured in, or imported into Canada bearing markings suggesting they are exclusively designed for 50 Beowulf ammunition, and at four or five shot capacity, are non-prohibited magazines. This is simply not the case. All magazines for 50 Beowulf calibre AR platform firearms presently on the Canadian market are prohibited devices.
    AR Platform Upper Receivers
    You had also asked about 50 Beowulf calibre AR upper receivers. Your understanding is correct that they are not prohibited.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Specialized Firearms Support Services
    Firearms Investigative and Enforcement Support Services Directorate
    Canadian Firearms Program
    Specialized Policing Services

    I hate to be the bearer of such bad news, but with that said, it is clear that many Canadian shooters and dealers are in possession of prohibited devices and are being lead to believe that such is not the case, so be aware.

    Relating to the last item, the .50 Beowulf uppers are not prohibited, but we can only have two round magazines for them... this reminds me of my good friend who offers PAL classes. He has a sign in the classroom that he often points to when students ask questions about our gun laws... the sign says "It doesn't have to make sense, It's the Government"

    The entire letter is quite lengthy so if anyone wants to see the whole thing send me a PM and I'll forward it to you.
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    Oh noes... Our great over lords strike again.

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    Have you sent a copy of that letter to any of the rights orgs such as the CSSA?

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    Is this verified? Has Bulletin #72 changed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tactical870 View Post
    Is this verified? Has Bulletin #72 changed?
    Nope. They are saying that the magazine is designed for two calibres, so as per the rule the bulletin attempts to explain, if it is designed for two calibres, it will be limited to 5 rounds of the smaller calibre.

    They are claiming that the dual feeding capability isn't a happy random occurrence, and that the mags were designed to feed both calibres. Hence why they say it is limited to 5 rounds of 223/556.
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    Reminds me of the Sig brace in the US. The feds will tolerate it in a don't ask, don't tell sort of way, but keep waving it in their face and they'll eventually come out and say "We know what you're doing, and you can't do it anymore." Next up will be rifles that accept pistol mags.
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    Wasn't there a post on here back in the summer about the RCMP's next target (pun intended) was magazine capacity, but it was side lined due to the election call (or something like that)?
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    Marshall, you do import/export, can you ship me to Maine? Leave no return address.
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    So, I’m guessing, the .40cal pistol magazines in a 9mm pistol will be next?

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    The 50 Beowulf Mags take extra 5.56 rounds in EXACTLY the same way that .40 S&W mags take extra 9mm. Do I have to re-pin my .40 S&W mags to 10 rounds of 9mm now? No? Then shove your opinion up your ass "Manager of Specialized Firearms Support Services".

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