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Thread: Wild/feral hogs

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    Wild/feral hogs

    Watching a National Geographic program on feral hogs and their destructive nature. Add to that, these frickin' things have attitude.

    Anyone ever had any luck hunting these pigs? I hear rumours once in awhile about sightings/problems around Alberta and would like to try putting a hole in one.
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    They've been sighted in the southern parts of the country just about all over the place by now. Even if I saw one over here I couldn't shoot it though since it is not on the "approved" game animal list. No such thing as a "vermin" category in these parts, invasive specie or not it doesn't matter to MNR.

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    - Alberta's wild boars have become a nuisance, says the provincial government, which plans to add the animals to its official list of pests.

    That will make the boars open targets for farmers and hunters.

    By the time the law comes into effect at the end of the month, owners who find the animals on their land will be allowed, as with any pest, to get rid of them.

    Cliff Munroe, director of regulatory services for Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, said the legislation is a result of a year-long consultation with municipalities and farmers throughout Alberta who have voiced concerns about the boars.

    "The main people are the farmers that are having problems with the animals on their property and causing damage to their fields," said Munroe. "They're the ones that prompted the call for action, and then the municipalities joined and said, 'Look, we've got a problem here.' The recommendation of the consultation was to declare them as pests."

    Not everyone agrees that the wild boars are such a major problem they should join the ranks of grasshoppers and rats.

    Jan Slomp, a representative for the Alberta region of the National Farmers Union, was surprised to hear of problems with boars in the province.

    "Wild boars? Really? That's new to me," Slomp said. "If it was the first of April, I would really wonder if you were being taken for a ride."

    Specifically, Munroe cited Lac St. Anne, Vermilion River and Cardston counties as having complained of particularly large wild boar populations.

    Agriculture officials for Lac St. Anne and Cardston counties reported no major problems with boars when reached Monday. The worker for Vermilion River could not be reached for comment.

    "It's been four or five years since we had any complaints or problems," said Cardston County agricultural fieldman Rod Foggin.

    In Lac St. Anne county, fieldman Geoff Thompson said he rarely gets calls about wild boars now, especially since the county put a bounty on the animals about five years ago.

    "I wouldn't say by any means that we have a problem," Thompson said. "With the bounty program that took place and the hunting pressure put on the animals, I think we've definitely seen a reduction."

    In Mountain View county, fieldman Jeff Holmes estimates there are about 40 wild boars in the area, but said he has not received complaints about them, just reports of sightings.

    Munroe said he's surprised that municipalities are now reporting no problems. Not only do boars eat crops, he said, but at times they dig large holes on farmland, causing damage to combines.

    Munroe said the animals were brought here from Europe for their meat in the 1990s. When some escaped, it was thought that they wouldn't be able to survive the winters.

    "They did very well on their own," said Munroe.

    Since females can give birth to 12 or 13 in a litter, twice a year, the population has grown rapidly.

    If left alone, boars do not pose a danger to humans but can be "quite vicious" if they're confronted, said Munroe.

    Property owners who come across a boar infestation should call the county for guidance on how to remove them, he said.

    In Alberta, wild boars were previously dealt with under the province's Stray Animal Act, which meant people who found boars on their property were required to inform a brand inspector. The inspector would then visit the property and try to return the animal to its rightful owner or give permission to remove it.

    Munroe estimates there are hundreds of wild boars in Alberta.
    this is back from 2008 not much information i can find since

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    I'd love to go on a wild pig hunt. Unfortunately, I've never seen one. A friend of mine's dad saw one on their farm and told us to "get out there and kill that thing". We tramped around the area all day where he said he saw it. We couldn't find it, or any tracks. The old boy might have been out in the sun too long that day.
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    To answer the question is yes fire away in AB, there is some east of red deer although I've never seen one there except of people's pics of the ones they've killed. I have seen a few near whitecourt.
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    I have hunted wild pigs, though they were your average farm variaty white pigs that had been out for a year, not European boars. It was the best pork I have ever eaten in my life, the large male we got didn't even smell if you can believe it.

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    I've hunted them in Hawaii the old fashioned way - dogs and a knife. It was a blast and the meat was delicious so I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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    Loads near Whitecourt and Swan Hills. If you know some land owners you can have your fill. I have heard about bounties for ears as well. We have a friend there and am hoping to get up there sometime soon for a culling of the swine population.
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