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    CCFR promotion

    After I saw some preview material on the PSA's in the works, I though that it would be a good idea to promote these airings as much as I can. I'm not an avid Facebook user but I drafted something for my own FB page that will alert my friends that we have something in the PR pipeline.

    Maybe those of you that use FB might consider doing something similar. Here is what I wrote. Feel free to use this in anyway you wish.


    "Over the next few months, you might see public service announcements produced by the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights or CCFR. I joined this group because they are the first organization to approach the issues in what I think is a winning way for all concerned and that includes the general public who may not currently have an interest in the many ways Canadians use their personal firearms. I havenít seen any of the material but Iím confident that it will be honest, straightforward and fair.
    The issues have many dimensions including a genuine concern for public safety. Itís not just a simple matter of whether or not a person may or may not favour firearms ownership by the public. Iíve been an ďinsiderĒ now for about seven years and so of course have my own biases. However I come with my opinions from a fairly well-informed perspective. I also understand the impact of living, as we do next to the United States which sometimes causes inaccurate and very unfair expectations and fears. I live in the US half the year and so understand some of the differences and how the impact of media representations of US events causes concern and alarm.
    I always abide by Canadian law and regulation and so Iím sensitive to public opinion in spite of the lack of real information that is fact based. Legal, legitimate Canadian firearms owners, who use their equipment in extraordinarily safe and responsible ways, are frequently targeted by legal and procedural changes that do nothing for the public good while unnecessarily diminishing our freedoms and quality of life. Owning a firearm is a privilege, a right and a serious responsibility but it shouldnít expose Licensed Canadian firearms owners to some of the legislation and penalties currently on the books.
    Knowing something about the background, responsibility and attitudes of the men and women who have organised the CCFR allows me to be confident that these announcements which will air in the coming months will be very informative and productive. Please give them a few minutes of your time."
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