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    Remington Hepburn rifle

    Designed by Remington’s superintendent of its mechanical department, the single-shot Remington-Hepburn design has a great “target gun” look to it. No surprise, as Lewis L. Hepburn was also a member of the Creedmoor International Shooting Team.

    From its introduction in 1880, the No. 3 Remington-Hepburn rifle was offered in a variety of sporting and target calibers, from .22 to .50. Our example, mounted with a Stevens telescopic sight, is chambered in .32-40. While perhaps 12,000 rifles were made, the unique falling block that opened with its side lever earned an excellent reputation with American hunters and target shooters.

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    It's both cool and kind of ugly at the same time.

    Any I've seen in person have been well above my pay grade, and aren't terribly left-friendly anyway.

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