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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    And some uncultured heathens refer to the 'Inventory Pile' as junk.
    Those were definitely worth saving, "I don't know what for, but I'll use 'em for something. Way too good to throw out!"
    Don't blame me, I didn't vote for that clown. Oct 20, '15

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rory McCanuck View Post
    And some uncultured heathens refer to the 'Inventory Pile' as junk.
    Those were definitely worth saving, "I don't know what for, but I'll use 'em for something. Way too good to throw out!"
    I KNOW EH !??!?!? I've noticed a disturbing trend with these uncultured heathens. First, they usually have boobs.........and for some stunned reason they think having their car in the garage over the winter is a better idea than you keeping your inventory warm and dry while having the space and freedom to artistically express yourself by building important fuse machines and gun servicing stations. Phfttttttt. The sheer gall of these people astounds me. Next they'll be saying that we should get rid of the stuff we haven't used in 30 years !!!! Where does it end ?!?!!!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennymo View Post
    I have the Wheeler scope mount kit with the alignment and lapping bars, as well as the Fat Wrench. Some complain the Fat Wrench isn't accurate enough, but it seems to work pretty good for my purposes. I always check the ring alignment, though modern rifles and mounts don't seem to have the issues some of the D&T jobs on older rifles do.... Then lap until I have pretty decent contact area on both rings, clean off the grinding compound and torque the scope down to manufacture's specs while using the set of magnetic levels to keep it all squared up.

    I used to just slap and tighten until I hit a set of rings that didn't look too terrible but tweaked a scope tube slightly....thankfully a cheapy....
    I've recently developed a liking for Burris signature zee rings, the rings with the self aligning inserts. No lapping needed and never mark the scope tube. I also use the Wheeler fat wrench for consistency.

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    Don't forget, for maximum obsession, make sure the scope's windage and elevation is at mechanical zero (which isn't necessarily 'half the amount of clicks') before mounting and levelling.

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