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    Toronto Sportsman's Show & CSSA - Come and win!

    Once again the Toronto Sportman's Show is coming and this time it is taking place at the International Centre.

    International Centre
    6900 Airport Road
    Mississauga, ON

    Wed-Sat: 10am-8pm, Sun: 10am-6pm
    FREE Parking! (About time!)

    The CSSA once again is there at booth 1012 and will be giving away not one, but TWO guns at the show.
    A Benelli shotgun, and a Mendozza rimfire rifle. Come out and show your support, join up, chat a bit, and get your chance to win!

    Get a price break for entry to the show by using the following Promo-codes for online ticket purchases: Familyfun - $3 off Adult Admission
    Come out and talk to Tony Bernardo, John Evers, plus our other awesome volunteers!
    Also come on out and Talk to Pat Harrison and the IPSC-Ontario guys and gals!

    Some other guys also there to talk to and see in person. Tactical Imports, Shooter's Choice, Stoeger Canada, Browning Canada, Excalibur Crossbow, to name a few...
    Perhaps you and the family can take a few shots or more at the airgun and archery ranges, as well as the LaserShot game run by the Toronto Sportsmen's Association.

    Hopefully we'll see you there!
    To visit the CSSA's Website - HERE
    To sign-up to CSSA's E-News - HERE

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    I have to thank all of the volunteers and staff who manned the CSSA Booth over the 5 day event.

    Many thanks to:
    Tony Bernardo
    John Evers
    Heather McC.
    Louise D.
    Mike D.
    Peter D.
    Murray O.
    Gregg F.
    Chris V.
    Ross C.
    Jim O.
    Vincent I.
    Dickson L.
    Neil S.
    Bruce W.
    Daniel B.

    This year's show was a resounding success with nearly 5x the numbers of new memberships at the show compared to previous years.
    Congratulations also to the winners of the raffle firearms. Two winners were pulled from nearly 3,000 tickets and the Benelli Super Nova shotgun and the Mendoza Puma rifle found their way into new homes. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the draw. We wished that everyone could have been a winner.

    Thank you to all who are a part of Team CSSA! Share the passion!
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