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    Vortex vs Hi-Lux AR15 scope

    Hello, Im having difficulty deciding which scope to choose for my AR15. Those of you that have tried one or the other what are your pros and cons, glass quality, light transmission, reticle vision out to 200yards (blurry or still visible and fine), etc. The 2 scopes are Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24 TMCQ and Hi-Lux CMR 1-4x24.

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    I love vortex but the hi-lux was designed for what you are going to do and will save you extra $$$ to spend on the rounds needed to be a better shot.
    Just my 2 cents...
    But on a side note I have yet to see a better warrenty than Vortex on the market today.

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    Vortex is the way to go .

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    I opted for Hi Lux. The glass on both seem comparable from my initial inspection. The vortex dials looked a bit nicer. The Vortex did have a slightly more quality feel but the price difference when I was looking made the HiLux the easy choice.

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    I bought and mounted the Hi-Lux CMR on a QD mount on my NEA-15.

    The glass is clear, the reticle not too busy and the centre dot is very fine but also easy to see with the surrounding circle. The illumination is not that bright outdoors on a bright day but I expected that from reading other reviews.

    I like it s lot but I need to shoot it more (I need to shoot everything in the safe more) and I haven't shot it in a match yet either.

    And one if the coolest things about the Hi-Lux: the illumination settings actually go up to 11.

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