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    She's pretty happy with them right down to the soft-close full-extension drawer slides like all the other drawers that came with it... and the matching but bigger one opposite it that has the sink.

    The bathroom is essentially done now. The hardest part of the whole reno was removing the closet.

    The closet was just inside the bathroom with the right wall being the wall that separated the bathroom the hallway with a front wall with a door, the back wall was shared with the bedroom behind and the 4th (left) wall being inside the bathroom. The closet itself was simple enough to rip out but in doing so I discovered that the builders used the left wall to run the vent stack inside of.

    So - when the closet was ripped out, there was a 4" pipe running right through where the boss wanted the new, much larger vanity.

    The floor had to be cut out in the bathroom and the adjacent hallway so I could move the vent stack into the hallway wall, and then do some fancy attic work to reconnect them.

    I'm not sure if you've ever moved a vent stack but it's something I don't recommend or wish for anyone.

    And - of course - we only have 1 bathroom so this had to be done to a schedule without me knowing a damned thing about waste plumbing.

    Good thing I'm a fast learner.

    pog mo thon

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    The drawers are 1x3. The bottoms are laminations: top layer is a sheet of melamine glued to plywood.

    I couldn't find the dado blade set (and likely wouldn't have bothered anyway) so I made "dado" cuts with repeated passes with the fence moved a bit at a time until the bottoms were a good fit with just enough slack to allow for expansion/contraction. Sides and fronts are glued and nailed but the backs are screwed in just in case they ever need to come apart.

    The drawers weigh more than anything she's going to load them up with. The slides are rated for 34kg/75lbs at full extension
    pog mo thon

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    Got the 53's diff tore apart for sand blasting. Can wait to install the 4.56 gears

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    New thermostat and coolant sensor in the impala, along with repairs to some of the wiring in said impala, dug out an old roping saddle of mine and made a couple small repairs, and picked up a couple more from an estate sale for the wife to restore.
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