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    Extended the wires today. 175$ for the winch and 80$ worth of shit to get it

    Now if I only could get my garage door delivered to try it out...

    Will also make a great spot to skin moose and deer

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    I finally remembered to change the oil in Mrs BSD's Honda. I thought it only right that I pull out the undercoating gun and put some back in. No I didnt use the stuff out of the engine. Only new oil in the doors and rockers. Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthfall View Post
    Thompsons doesn't last too long either, I have a can of the honey coloured waterseal on some old fir I fashioned into a raised garden bed and its a bi yearly at best in that usage.

    but its been a quite some time since I've used in on pressure treated so hopefully it lasts longer

    I have a few cans of the old dark brown oil based stuff. Paid $70 a can five years ago. Stuff is gold right now. All true oil based paints and sprays have been essentially banned due to VOCs.
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