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    Review of the Sig P320

    Rod Giltaca, PAL Instructor
    Civil Advantage Firearms Training

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    thanks for the video.

    some are raving about this gun in the usa. works flawlessly like a glock, while for the sport shooting it's more a matter of what you shoot well. it's a striker gun that means the trigger feel is what it is ; seems it breaks like a glass (at the opposite of the rolling break of the glock ) but it's still a heavy trigger by the shooting sports standards. most serious shooters using this blaster send them to gray guns for some trigger work because in stock form trigger isn't that great ; this said this gun gets really good review regarding reliability and quality crafting, as usual with sig

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    Definitely looks better than a lot of under-$1k polymer pistols

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    Interesting design with the interchange frame (and built in rattle, I gather?)

    Nothing that's going to pry me away from my Iron pistols, though

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    Thanks Rod. I've never really looked for , or thought about a Sig. But the review you gave has me thinking of looking at that model, as it appeals to me. Cheers...
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