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    Your Very Last Hunt??

    Have you given any thought when it will happen? When going hunting is no longer possible? The young'ns amongs't us probably have not yet given it a moment's thought. Some of us, a little longer in the tooth, may think of it occasionally... I know I do. At a fairly advanced age and still in reasonably good health I continue to enjoy hunting of various species but I know it will come to an end, and it bothers me. Thoughts anyone?
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    I have given the end of my hunting days some thought from time to time. And I have decided to prolong the end days as long as possible mainly by trying to keep in good physical condition.

    I don't do anything real drastic I just try and walk every day in the bush with my dog for at least one hour and usually go for another walk after the supper meal as well. I also try to ad a bit more fruit and vegetables to my diet.

    I am lucky as I work out of my home office and I can walk out my door and be in the woods in two minutes. Also for many years now I have been keeping a point form journal of all my hunts and all the the things that I see and that happen on them, so when the last hunt has sadly passed me by I am planning to put my journal into book.

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    I won't be coming back from my last hunt.
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    I will likely drop dead before I can no longer hunt.
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    I'm thinking it will likely be a surprise... Though hopefully I've got twenty or thirty more years to contemplate it. I feel like I'm always going to feel like there's just one more season until one day there isn't.....
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    I think the trick is to start to take out younger hunters. It's a given that the 'young kids' have to do all the camp chores and such, and all the heavy lifting. Eventually it gets to the point where maybe you're not shooting any more but you can still participate in the hunt and they will benefit greatly from your knowledge and skills, and those don't dull with age. With modern FSR's and such you can stay in contact with the younger hunters and plunk yourself down somewhere nice and warm where you are probably too far to shoot but not too far to glass a field or the like and spot for them. You can probably still call if you're of a mind to, which allows you to do the calling while they are set up a little further downrange to bushwhack the animal while it's focused on you and trying to come in to see what you are. And you can still pick off grouse and the like till you're pretty ancient.

    This is all stuff some of the 'older' hunters in my life have done with me, and it allowed them to continue to hunt long past the time when it was comfortable for them to be sitting on a stump at dawn or when their eyes were just too poor to be guaranteeing a clean kill. My grandad would help us plan out where we were going to be, plunk two of us down in key locations, and park the truck where he could watch over the area we were hunting or drive around a little with his head out the window looking for sign and where the animals were crossing and such, and it gave us a bunch more animals than we would have gotten and a lot more knowledge. And while he passed earlier than i'd like, even now listening to the stories and such around the fire would be worth every second of having to do all the dishes and chop all the wood.

    It's hunting - it's not 'shooting'. Sure - we all regret the day when we'll be so old that it's time for us to stop pulling the trigger and let younger folk do more, but you can still be a part of the hunt to a nice ripe old age even after you get to the point where you're not doing the hiking or dragging or shooting.

    Plus you get to harass the kids "Call that skinning? When i was your age i'd already have had the hide off of TWO animals, had 'em tanned and traded them for a keg of whiskey and a cheroot! You - get another log on that fire and fill my coffee mug boy, and don't be stingy with the irish cream neither! "

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    The group I hunted with last year have people in their 70's, and 2 in their 80's. That's 24 more years of hunting enjoyment for me. Then switch to fishing for next 20.. That would put me at 100.
    The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money.
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    It is not something that I've thought of - yet!

    With that said, I've heard and read a few stories where someone (not necessarily a senior member either) has passed away while on a hunting trip and how it impacted the others in the group. Sobering and sad reads that, in some instances, didn't have to happen - guys just didn't look after themselves.

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    My thought is our bodies will give us a clue when we'd rather not deal with the hours, the long trip, the elements, the terrain and the physical tasks. When your back, hip, knees, etc. are stiff and painful, it's not that hard to desire the lazyboy in a warm house. That said, I'm hoping to do more hunting once I retire - I can pick the day I like rather than be limited to weekends and a few vacation days off.

    I'm also thinking how my Dad dealt with it. He enjoyed being there as much or more than the hunt, and after his hunting days, he was still keen to visit some shore where he could watch eagles fish, or put out something for some creature to eat and observe it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by labradort View Post
    My thought is our bodies will give us a clue when we'd rather not deal with the hours, the long trip, the elements, the terrain and the physical tasks. When your back, hip, knees, etc. are stiff and painful, it's not that hard to desire the lazyboy in a warm house.

    Crap. I'm 27 and already there. LOL
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