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    Only try to help

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    You crammed a lot of info into one post. Thanks!
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    Tagged for interest. Great collection of info.

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    Satain -pretty sure you've seen this
    and most likely your familiar with Brownells in the US, this site allows you to build your own by dragging & dropping
    the parts you want on to the rifle kinda gets you familiar with some of the available parts
    kinda fun to play around with see how things fit and why of course most of it they can't ship to Canada
    especially the mags but as far as terminology goes when shop

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    Thanks for your comments.

    There is one more point I would like to make before leaving hammer and trigger pins. The above is the expression of what my experience has been to this point. However I believe that we should always be testing, reconfirming, and further our understanding with real world experience.

    I am always learning about this fascinating platform, to that end I have a little test/demonstration in mind regarding pin fit. I have enjoyed this build so much, that if things go according to plan, I am going to build myself a 7.5" upper as well. The plan is to then mate it to my course lower, and see if some of the general rules of thumb that I apply to carbines and their associated gas systems (like trigger and hammer pin fit) will apply to short barrelled pistol length gas system carbines as well. The components used will be a little less Gucci, (No Noveske barrels for me!!) But I look forward to the process regardless of the results.

    This leads us nicely in to buffers and buffer weights as they apply to AR’s. Before we begin lets look at carbine buffers for the AR-15 and the commonly available weights (in onz.)
    Standard = 3.0
    H or 1H = 3.8
    2H or HH= 4.6
    3H or HHH= 5.4
    Next we have commercially available 9mm buffers
    RRA 9mm buffer = 5.6 onz
    Colt 9mm buffer = 5.5 onz
    (Please note: All of the above weight are referenced from The “Slash Big buffer chart”)

    For the most part when I think of building an AR, the most significant factor for me is not necessarily barrel length, but rather the length of the gas system being used.

    It is my contention, that the carbine length gas system, at least for semi-auto use, is terribly over gassed. This was a deliberate design feature for the purpose of being reliable under battle conditions. This does however result in a violent gas/recoil pulse, which can lead to longer “sight picture recovery” times . I have found that the best way to get smooth constant cycling is to use a 2H carbine buffer, inside a mil-spec buffer tube, with a good mil-spec carbine buffer spring. For what ever reason I find it much smoother than a commercial spec buffer tube. Perhaps is has to do with the slightly larger internal space, but I just find that the spring “stacks up” better in mil-spec tube.

    Now step down to the even shorter pistol length gas system, with even shorter barrels, and in my opinion, the above still applies only to a greater extent!! In this instance, I felt that stepping up to a 3H buffer, with a muzzle treatment that increased gas dwell time (The ATRS eliminator) was necessary for reliable functioning. Though my experience with the pistol length gas system is somewhat limited (300 or so rounds) thus far it would seem that my thoughts on this system are correct.

    You mileage may vary.

    I hope you have found the above informative and helpful



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    Thanks Satain, great post for a newbie (me that is).

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