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    You want the best, that's what you're gonna have to pay. If you want a cheaper alternative I could see somebody like arms east importing you Stag 20" button rifled Govt rifle gas barrels or get the Canada Ammo 20" 1/12 rifle gas A1 pencil profile Chinese ones.

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    Getting a Windham Weaponry barrel from Freedom Ventures. They're one of two companies in Canada who are authorized to sell their products so they can get it for me

    Azt ec also has multiple dealer accounts with Anderson Rifle, CMMG, RRA to name a few so no need to go through the long importing process. For those who are interested in knowing.

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    400 on a barrel isn't too bad, especially considering its the most critical prt of any build, IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moue View Post
    Hey everyone,

    So I received my RPAL a couple months ago and since then I've been meaning to make an A2 build. I've shopped around most of the Canadian stores and I have my list but there's one thing I can't seem to find and that's a 20" heavy profile barrel.

    I've found a cheap, light profile 1:12 barrel from Dominion Arms and Questar has some 20" RRA barrels which aren't in stock and cost 400$+. I've been contemplating buying one of Brownells military barrels and importing it.

    My question is where, in Canada, can I go and find a 20" heavy/gov't profile barrel, 1:7-1:9 twist with M4 feed ramps? They're unicorns in my opinion.
    Some years later.
    How did you resolve your dilemma? I assume you wanted the barrel with FSB installed, which would eliminate free floating hand guard, or did you find someone to properly pin it after installing free float one. I am running into the same lack of choice several years later. (oh Canadian firearms dealers, what lack of competitive spirit).

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    "...Some years later...." Yeah.
    No barrels out of the U.S. without their State Dept. Export Permit, you can't apply for. No AR parts at all without it.
    Haven't looked but I wouldn't be surprised if Junior ended parts imports with his OIC too. Dunno for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justice View Post
    "...Some years later...." Yeah.
    No barrels out of the U.S. without their State Dept. Export Permit,
    Good to know the only source of AR barrels is the US

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