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Thread: Great firearm

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    Great firearm

    Hi yall! Just got myself a Marlin model 60. When I got it home I gave the thing a nice clean to get it rdy for the punishment I was about to give it!
    Shot 1000 rounds through it with 1 failed to eject (around the 300 round mark) and that's it.
    Found the thing very accurate although I did have to make a few minor adjustments. Used a variety of ammo to see what worked best.
    Shot 500 rounds Rem Thunderbolt
    300 rounds CCI
    100 winchester wildcat
    100 Rem Golden
    Anyways just thought I'd give anyone looking for a nice 22 lr a heads up!

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    Well thats a good way to see how she fires! I really enjoy my Ruger American Rimfire, take that little extra time with the bolt action . Are you a member of vfgpa?

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    Great gun. I always preferred the Marlin semi's over the 10/22. And a tube feeding 60's are real sweet.

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    Its on my list to get some day. Wish i would have bought one years back when they had the stainless model with the laminate stock.

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    Sounds like a sweet shooter

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