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    I used Tactical Capital to purchase a firearm Nov 9th... everything approved and firearm shipped a couple days later. Seemed good! I chose the 3 months no interest.

    Its now Jan 7th and they still havent taken a payement yet. They have all my banking details and according to my contract the 1st payment should have been Nov 30th. I called before Christmas and was told theres a backlog of processing due to the holidays.

    So now what do they plan on doing? Compacting 3 months of payments into just over 1 month? Very unprofessional for a financing service.

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    Glad I came across this. I was considering purchasing a new firearm through Tactical Capital. After reading the issues experienced by the posters, I would rather pay the interest on my CC than deal with the hassle. I totally understand a business getting busy and falling behind on their end but getting lied too, that is a deal breaker.
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    I have used them 3 times..maybe 4.
    Always quick. Fast response. Easy peasy.

    But this was over a year ago. Could be the increase in vendors overwhelms them at times. ???

    I would use them again if the need arises.
    Great service.

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    They replied:

    We are working on the invoices from Tactical Import. Your loan is still 3-month with no interest. The date and amount on the contract are only the estimated. The actual date and amount would base on the invoice from the store. Final payment schedule will send out before the payment start.
    So even though the contract is from November, my 3 months hasnt even started yet? Not cool.

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