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    Quote Originally Posted by Stew View Post
    the best way to keep a secret is to never mention it
    The mafia had it right ... “2 people can keep a secret if one of them is dead”
    The list of people who know about your guns should be limited to yourself and the person you see in the shaving mirror every morning.
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    I remember reading an article a few years back that said that governments can try to ban and control firearms in their countries with varying levels of success until the country experiences a breakdown of society and civil unrest (wars and rebellion etc.) then all bets are off and desperate people will use all means available to arm themselves for their and their families protection which then often results in a flood of firearms being brought into the country and held by civilians through till long after the end of the cause of the turmoil. They care very little what is or once was illegal when they are fighting for their lives or their freedoms.

    This happened in countries like Ireland, the Soviet Union, Europe, Africa, the middle east and some island nations. The authorities are still finding hidden leftover guns from the Second World War in the ex-Soviet and European nations and Northern Ireland still has lots of hidden away guns from their many years of fighting with the British and Protestant North. Apparently Lebanon was awash with guns after many years of civil wars and same deal in the Balkans or Former Yugoslavia nations. Apparently in the recent civil war in Libya fighters where arming themselves with left over Italian weapons from WW2 that had been stashed away since then.

    What also happens is in a civil war is outside concerns (both foreign governments and profit seeking businessmen) send or sell guns to both sides for profit or influence. The US Government (CIA) sent 100's of thousands of guns into Afghanistan when the Russians were fighting there and then had the same guns used on them when they replaced the Russians. In some places underground workshops get setup and start making crude but effective guns that allow the user to use them to get a better weapon off their enemies. I once owned a French Resistance built Mas-36 rifle that was built under the noses of the occupying German forces during WW2.

    In Papua New Guinea and the recent war in the Solomon's the insurgents used old Japanese and American WW2 weapons found in caves and leftover weapon stashes to fight. And in the Philippines the Chinese and others have been accused of suppling the Muslim insurgents with modern guns, ammo and other gear.

    Governments can try and round up and destroy all the guns they want but if they get too power hungry and rule without the approval and consent of the people they will soon be flooded with guns again and it will take even longer to get them all back as most people will be very wary of trusting them completely a second time round.
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