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    Sure don't hear much out of them any longer, and I get their fliers.

    Sales are meh, product offerings never really change.. They're pretty stagnant.
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    Not to help reopen a necrotic thread, but are they actually still open? Every time I've gone to their website, they're always out of stock on everything....
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    They are indeed still open.

    They've been useful for me with some smaller Enfield parts, other than that they just seem to peddle overpriced chinese ammo and firearms. If that's what you're after I'd recommend Tradex

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    John's not exactly a young guy so I'm not surprised that they aren't as active as what they used to be. Kind of like Milarm it's hard to keep a larger than average operation like that going for an extended period.

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    He makes a good living on his gun and equipment rentals plus his government contracts.

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    I am looking for something specific, it seems they and only two other dealers have what I want. I contacted them last night with an email, and they (John) were back to me with the answers to the questions I had. I am waiting for the others to respond before I move on it.

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    I've bought new and used guns from them and never had a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenwp View Post
    He makes a good living on his gun and equipment rentals plus his government contracts.
    He ships massive amount of stuff to the U.S. No market here in Canada.
    John has Warehouses full of stuff across the pond....and it goes to countries that can actually use it.
    He is doing o.k. Too bad we cannot enjoy all the stuff he has.
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