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    Cool July 2013 Calgary Precision Rifle and Carbine (read: CQB) Course

    Well, I'm back from my 6 week road trip and have started planning for the next season! You Calgary shooters are lucky since we are organizing a Precision Rifle (read: sniper rig) and non-restricted carbine course happening early July 2013.

    All the information is up on my website right now:

    I'm not taking any registrations until this spring and the 4 day course is limited to 20 shooters. This winter we have to secure the necessary AR500 gongs and their stands. More on that later on.

    Anyways, all the information is up on my site. Many of you M14 lovers know my background and are familiar with my instruction style. Now you get to see the 'coaching' side of me! The Fort McMurray and the 100 Mile House M14 lovers have seen how I run a range practice with skills and drills.


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    man all these cool things going on I never knew about!!

    Totally want to hit this!!

    Barney best to email you or you got a ## i can call yas on

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    I'm in. Hopefully not the weekend of the 13th but even then I think could make it work. Did I mention I have huge smoker and make killer pulled pork sammies?

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    The skills and drills we had up here in Ft Mac was great. Nice to do something other then sitting at a bench putting holes in small little groups. Count me in Hungry.
    If you can't fix it with a hammer, it must be electrical.

    Make sure you sign up for a Hungry clinic in your area coming this summer to a town near you

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    All I can say is whoop whoop
    Its all comein together mah hahaha

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    I'm in. after the teaser info at the Calgary clinic I can't wait!

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    the guys at the 100 mile house ICR/Hungry M14 clinic had an incredible time, anyone who can go to this Calgary event..... or one like it....... and doesn't go....... is missing out on the most fun you have 'ever' had with an m14 in yer hands

    will have to twist yer arm into comin back next year Hungry.
    I'm working with the Forest Grove Rod and Gun Club to host the July 2013 , ICR 4 day M14 clinic range days. It is a short drive from clinic headquarters

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