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    Liberty gun safes

    I was looking around WSS today in Saskatoon and see they have a Liberty Fatboy 48 gun safe on sale for $1499.99 it comes with a HD200 quick vault. Any comments ya or na would be appreciated. This safe is $1899.99 reg. it looks to be a pretty good buy I thought and would ease some of my pile in the corner and shoved up in the floor joists storage.

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    Had two in the store I used to work at. Quality was ok, fit and finish were above average. Overall a good value.

    Quadruple check all your dimensions. Hugely embarrassing to buy a safe and find out you're off by half and inch. Also, Liberty say 780 pounds. Not a beast by

    any standard but not to be under estimated in it's ability to hurt you permanently.

    Call around to you local Locksmiths and used office furniture places. They frequently have deals and often have people who are experienced with delivery.

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    Just make sure it does not have an electronic lock....a locksmith buddy told me that he gets constant calls about failed electronic locks , and highly recommends avoiding this type of lock.
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    There were some killer markdowns on gun safes at Cabela's this week. Couple discontinued models I think. Might be worth perusing before purchase. The uncle has a larger Liberty I think. Might be one size down from what you're looking at. It certainly nice enough.

    I was looking at a Browning the other day, and it seemed like it had a much better layout for racking long guns than the Liberty and Cabela's models. Plus it held six or so long guns on the inside of the door for easy access....
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    The closest that Cabelas has is a 30 gun safe made by Liberty for about $125 less than WSS. Will likely go up on my next days off and have a closer look.

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    don't forget. John Deere also sells some nice gun safes.

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    Yes they do. Although I have not looked into who manufactures them

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