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    polysesouvient IS WATCHING [the other site] here's proof

    Posted this to [the other site] but I am sure they are here too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Big-boss-man View Post
    Just a heads up, Poly for sure is watching us here. I noticed a picture on a document that they released that i have seen here so I am sure this where they got it from. I have already made the owner of the picture aware (maybe Marstar won't be the only cease and desist order) and now I am letting the rest of you know. Just watch what you are saying because:


    the picture i am referring to is on page 2 with this:

    CZ SCORPION: Another approved assault weapon that entered the
    market around March 2017 is the restricted CZ Scorpion,
    advertised as a “submachine gun with extremely friendly
    ergonomics”. A non-restricted version was later approved by the
    RCMP in late 2018 and seems to have recently hit the market. An
    online ad describes the latter as follows: “The Scorpion Carbine is a
    whole new animal ... [built] on the lauded submachinegun
    platform that first hit the US civilian market in pistol form in 2015”.

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    Here be dragons
    Know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til you understand who's in ruttin command here.

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    well from now on i am only posting pics of myself naked with guns...let them use them

    Win the crowd and you win your freedom

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    I think you should send them directly.

    Allow our Rightful Liberty or .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RL1 View Post
    well from now on i am only posting pics of myself naked with guns...let them use them


    those 4 karens would like that i think

    a “submachine gun with extremely friendly
    If I ever design and build a hunting rifle I am going to market it by saying "Perfect ergonomics for all your wildlife Murdering needs" and wait for the reactions

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    Yeah, we know. Sometimes we even say stuff we want them to hear.
    Calvin Martin, Q.C. 1933 - 2014

    I would like to apologize to anyone i have not offended. Please be patient. I will get to you shortly.

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    Of course they are. Just as the feds are. You'd be a fool to believe otherwise.

    Hey, haters and grabbers! What's up? Did you seriously think we didn't know?

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    Well, if they're watching:

    Lorne Gunter: Gun controls hardly accomplish what advocates think
    Author of the article:
    Lorne Gunter
    Publishing date:
    2 days ago • 3 minute read


    Gun controls do nothing to prevent murders or suicides in Canada.

    Dr. Caillin Langmann, an emergency medicine professor at Ontario’s McMaster University, has completed a very thorough study of gun controls and their impact on crime dating back to the 1970s. His conclusion: “No beneficial association was found between legislation and female or male homicide rates.”

    Nor was there any connection between “firearm prevalence rates per province and provincial suicide rates.”

    The biggest factors for suicides in Dr. Langmann’s study were “rates of low income, increased unemployment, and the percentage of aboriginals in the population.”

    The biggest impact on homicide rates came from youth gang involvement.

    What!? You mean everything gun owners have been telling the government – i.e. that more controls on law-abiding owners will not reduce violent crime – is true!?

    In the past 45 years, Canadian governments (mostly Liberal) have tried mandatory licensing of gun owners, extensive safety courses, registration of all guns, psychological questionnaires, a requirement that potential gun licensees receive the endorsement of their spouses, a 28-day waiting period for purchases, restrictions on how many bullets a gun’s magazine may hold, a ban on machine guns and stringent rules on safe storage and safe transport of firearms – plus many, many other restrictions.

    None of them has had an impact on murders or suicides.

    Well, it’s not entirely true the measures have had no impact on suicides. Gun controls may have encouraged individuals seeking to take their own lives to move from guns to rope.

    As firearms suicides have declined over the years in Canada, suicides by hanging have risen as a percentage of total suicides.

    I suppose if you care how people commit suicide – if somehow you believe a firearms suicide is a greater tragedy than a hanging suicide – then perhaps you see it as a positive that firearms suicides are down.

    But, frankly, that would strike me as a very twisted perception.

    As an aside, Dr. Langmann also found that suicide by hanging is just as deadly as suicide by firearm. There has long been a belief among gun-control activists that even if controls only force suicidal Canadians to switch from guns to other forms, that will reduce the overall rate of successful suicides because guns are especially deadly.

    But the study found suicides by hanging were successful in 82% of attempts versus 83% for firearms.

    To truly tackle suicide, Langmann asserts, Canada needs more “community-based suicide prevention programs and outreach to groups for which access to care may be a particular issue,” such as Indigenous Canadians.

    But don’t expect any of this to have any impact on the Liberals recent gun ban.

    Indeed, quietly, sneakily, underhandedly, the federal Liberal government and the RCMP have continued to expand the list of firearms to be banned in Canada since the Trudeau government implemented a ban on “military-style” rifles on May 1.

    Originally, 1,500 variations of popular firearms models were to be banned completely and immediately.

    Now according to firearms groups, that list has been expanded to 9,500 variations.

    Owners were originally assured no shotguns would be banned. The list now includes 100 popular models of shotguns – mostly 12-gauges – and hundreds of variants.

    If an owner has used one of these guns since May 1, he or she is technically in violation of the law and subject to up to two years in prison.

    But owners’ organizations are warning members not to call police to ask whether their guns are now banned because police are almost certainly keeping track of who asks so they can come to Canadians’ homes later and take these secretly prohibited guns.

    I never thought I’d see the day when ordinary gun-owning Canadians were so mistrustful of police.

    Edit: And Poly: Eat me.

    "Mr. Speaker, we really could replace Justin Trudeau with a cardboard cutout, and his peanut gallery wouldn't know the difference"

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    Watching the other other site ????? Lol some would say they are “team” and supporting members

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTW View Post
    Well, if they're watching:
    They're watching, but they're not listening. They only hear what they want to hear because they are a hate group. They probably once were a legitimate victim's group. But they morphed into a hate group long ago. They know that too which is why they're ramping up their woe is me articles like that one we read from the Star the other day. Because they also know that their ultimate downfall will be their actions as a hate group being challenged in civil court. And they also know that our pockets are deep and theirs are shallow because they have no support from Canadians. They can't even get an online HoC petition going with any significant numbers. Speaking of numbers, their days are numbered as they get sued into the ground.

    EDIT: I hope this sent a chill down their spines.
    Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times [#uc# you CCP!]

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