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Thread: Rear peep sight

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    Rear peep sight

    Anybody here ever used the rear peep sight from rauch tactical? Thinking of getting one for the 858.

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    i looked into seriously but i never bought it .

    from my recollection , it was well made and worked really well . i always preferred peep sights.

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    I never used a rauch, but I have outfitted all my AK's with tech sites. I really like them, rugged easy to adjust and they improved the accuracy in my shooting. I do believe they make em for the Yugo as well.

    Never mind, they make em for the Yugo M-70, not the Czech vz, been one of those days.
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    Yes I owned one and also was going to buy another 1.
    If you have a hooded front post sight and have this hooded rear sight I find it easy as pie to shoot quickly and accuratley. I also do prefer to have the NEA fiber optic front post sight with this setup too. Although bring nail polish with you to the range cause soon as you get it sighted in dab some on the threads were it meets the drum and let it dry. So you don't have to worry about it walking out on you and you can always snap the paint to re-adjust it due to the change in ammo or shooting climates.
    Now if you have a regular AK style front post sight I do not recomend getting this rear sight due to the fact that you will find it a lit harder to line up the sights properly to get accurate shoots.
    This is just what I have noticed from my experince from shooting these two set up's and it may be different for you.
    Hope it help's

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    Thanks guys, I put in an order for one. I have the hooded front sight so looking forward to getting it out to the range. Hopefully the wife doesn't look at me too funny when I ask to borrow her nail polish, lol

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