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    An AR-15 is far less powerful than a lot of the rifles in the non-restricted pile, too. The .223 / 5.56 cartridge is really an entry level center-fire round.

    Gateway round?
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    Quote Originally Posted by harbl_the_cat View Post
    Nice video, but whose the Jay's fan not wearing eye protection? The lady also was on camera had a cut away where she was putting on her safety glasses while someone else was shooting.

    No matter the range, you should always wear eye protection when on a hot range, especially when shooting steel.

    Also, I think it's well worth bringing up the point every time that even an AR-15 is far less powerful than a motor vehicle and how the Canadian gun culture is one that is far more safety focused than the American gun culture.

    In the wrong hands, an AR-15 is far less dangerous than a motor vehicle in the wrong hands, either through negligence or intent and that is a very easily demonstrable fact.

    That lady still seems to think you go into God-mode everytime you pick up a pistol, but the reality is, you're far more closer to God-mode when you key the ignition to your car than anytime you pick up a firearm.

    Still a good video, but a good takeaway for all of us is to bring up those points whenever we try to convince someone about gun ownership.
    We had an hour. With the time to set up, film, re-shoot, etc... it was more like 30 minutes.
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