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    New Review!!! Crazy eh?


    Rod Giltaca, PAL Instructor
    Civil Advantage Firearms Training

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    I was always interested in them, but wondered if they were worth the big payout.

    Thanks Rod. Great video. Could use more shooting though <LOL>.
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    Your shirts are getting more conservative!
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    I had a previous generation, I out around 5k .223 through it before letting it go in a moment of stupidity. Regretting that, I picked up a new key mod version like this in olive green and 7.62x39. I've got 6 pistol mags and one 5 rounder. It ran flawlessly for thousands of rounds until I picked up some magpul grips which required me to trim off part of the anti-tilt leg of the follower. Now I've got one mag and one only that occasionally gives me an issue. I've never payed any attention to how the rounds are sitting, so long as they are in the mag, never had a problem... Except that OE mag because they tilt nose down. .

    I made two mods immediately to bringing it home... Trigger job combined with the set screw mod.. It now has an extremely smooth 1st stage with just enough tension and travel to let you know you are pulling it with gloves on, and a very crisp break of the second stage. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

    The other is the play in the folder. With the stock folded there are 2 unused threaded holes in the rear of the receiver. A single 1/4x1/2" set screw with some lock tite in there adjusted to just the right spot ensures when the stock is unfolded the cam lock in the hinge wedges/secures it rock solid against the set screw.

    Mine gets folded all the time, strapped to my backpack. I can't deal with wobble either. Gets covered in mud, rained, snowed on. Put away muddy, wet, thousands of corrosive rounds between cleanings.

    Still runs flawlessly. 1.5moa @ 100m with fusion, 3.5ish with Copper washed corrosive. She's around 3, maybe 4000ronds of corrosive, been cleaed twice maybe 3 times.

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