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    News and podcasts?

    So I'm looking for a good news source or two. One that all the good things trump is doing and all the bad that Justin is. Lol.

    I'm also looking for any decent podcasts that have outdoors or something interesting. There are millions out there so any that you guys like would help narrow down the search

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    No such thing (good news source) unfortunately. You have to read a wide variety of sources to get the full picture.

    The Rebel ( will get you all the bad Justin is doing. They are right-wing biased and can be sensationalist but where it counts they provide sources, usually through access to information requests.

    Brietbart ( will get you all the good Trump is doing. They are right-wing biased as well and also can be sensationalist but are factual. But they sometimes spin those facts.

    The Globe and Mail ( is considered Canada's news paper of record. They are sometimes centrist, more often left-wing (though not necessarily hard left). They've been critical of the Trudeau government of late and the comment section is often dominated by conservatives.

    The National Post ( is Canada's only other national newspaper. They are right-wing biased most of the time but with new ownership have become schizophrenic and sometimes are left-wing. They often cover national political stories that the CBC and others don't. Stories that put the Liberal government in a bad light of course.

    CBC News ( They are hard-left and getting more and more biased as the years go on. More and more of their news articles are actually opinion pieces. What they do or don't allow comments on can be frustrating. But often when they do allow comments on something political our "side" gets in there pretty good. Why read the CBC? To know what the sheep are being fed.

    Google News ( Great for headline scanning and exploring news in depth. Suppose there is something going on (like a shooting). Go to google news, see the headline from some lefty rag then click the explore in depth link and find local news outlets to the event covering it for more accurate information.
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    Canadian patriot podcast

    Slam fire radio

    International liberty or death podcast.

    And the newest, the Canadian Prepper Podcast

    They all cover the news in their own way.

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    The Rebel Media.

    You need nothing more in The Peoples Republic of Canuckistan than The Rebel Media

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