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    I remember when Harper was originally going for the PM job and told us he was gonna get rid of C68 and such. Didn't happen, though he did garner our support. Promise the world and then blame some other one/reason on why you have to renege on the promise. Been down that road too many times. Do something first besides political promises and then we'll see......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malus View Post
    I remember when Harper was originally going for the PM job and told us he was gonna get rid of C68 and such. Didn't happen, though he did garner our support.
    Yeah.... he didn't actually win the PM job tho. He was defeated. If you don't actually get the job, you can't actually deliver on the promise. I suppose some people might have thought that was obvious but i guess we do need to spell that out for SOME who don't get it If Mr O'toole is not actually elected to prime minister, he will not be delivering on his promises as to what he will do if elected as prime minister. I know politics are confusing for you, but that IS the way our system works.

    The next time harper ran he promised to get rid of the gun registry instead. And when eventually he WAS elected prime minister with a proper majority he got rid of the gun registry. I'm sure that if Mr O'toole is elected as prime minister he will honour his promises.

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    Hello Erin,

    It is nice to see a leadership candidate come on one of our forums and engage us personally. It is very refreshing to see that someone cares enough about us gun owners.

    Also, thank you for your service. I am a Veteran as well, serving 20 years and releasing medically. I appreciate what you did in Veterans Affairs, especially with the mess you inherited.

    The only question I can think of, that is not asked by the others before me is: Will you get us out of the stupid UN gun marking regulations that have been acknowledged by this Liberal government? I am very interested in the answers you provide here, to all the questions posed. And, if you ever come to Kingston, Ont, I would very much like to meet you.

    Thanks. Cheers...

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    *If* you're reading this...

    Welcome to the forum Erin.
    And good on you for having the balls to make your presence known - not something many politicians would do on a firearms-hobby forum.
    Let alone to announce their intent regarding said hobby.
    Let's be clear - this IS a hobby. Most hobbies are expensive and time consuming, and this is no different - save that you need a license and you'll never see a news article about the RCMP breaking down doors to "confiscate" someone's collection of trains or video-games should someone's license-renewal be held-up in the administrative-backlog.

    Having read your proposed actions, if-and-when elected, I have some questions:
    What plans do you have to help improve the image of responsible firearms owners in Canada? - you may have noticed they tend to be demonized - particularly when certain parties and individuals begin their yearly traditions of media-bias ignorant[in the sense of a lack of knowledge of facts]-public-swaying.

    What, in your opinion, qualifies one as an "expert", for the classification of firearms, and interpretation of the laws and sometimes intentionally vague language contained in said laws?

    I would personally be interested in your thoughts on bolstering the economy with the hiring of qualified individuals to take that 180-days and turn it into 90 [or perhaps 120 days]. One would think that 6-months is more than sufficient to examine and consider the ramifications of classifying a newly imported machine.
    If I am wrong on this, I would appreciate being educated as to why 6-months was the acceptable turn-around time for this.

    Thank you for your time

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    I am pleased as can be that a CPC leadership candidate is interested in hearing from us.

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    You should be legally accountable for your election promises. As should all candidates.

    My firearms aren't a hobby.

    They are a heritage, upbringing, tool, and proven protector of my life.

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    Very happy to see a potential leader on here willing to engage the masses. Mr. O'Toole, do you participate in any shooting sports, target shooting, plinking or hunting yourself? Are you a licensed firearms owner? Some of what you say has my attention.

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    I went to the discussion on fb, lot of jibber jabber so I asked that he revisit this thread since some of the members do not use facebook
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    Welcome aboard Mr. O'Toole.
    I am happy to see a CPC leadership candidate even showing an interest in our little forum here.
    All the talk from Maxime Bernier and we don't see him on here.
    We have all been bitten on the hiney before so the proof will be in the pudding.
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    I want to hunt with an AR-15. I want to have as many cartridges in my magazine as I deem fit. I want to use a sound suppressor.

    If you will let me do all three, I will renew my CPC membership and kick you $100 for your campaign.

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