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    Competition sport for .22LR?

    Sorry if this has been asked.

    I know 9mm is the smallest round that has recoil and is used in IPSC, IDPA etc.

    Is there something for .22LR, in a competition sport? Other then olympics?
    Just curious if there would be another use for a .22lr pistol or rifle, other then cheaper practice.

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    There's ipsc mini-rifle if I remember correctly. I participated in such an event 2 years ago in Ontario. Basically action rifle match with .22LR rifles.

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    There's also Steel Challenge, they have Rimfire Rifle and Rimfire Pistol division .22lr only.

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    First Friday of the month, we shoot PPC using rimfires.

    I would love to have mini IPSC here. Would bring in younger shooters and people that don't really want to spend alot of money. I mean I won't get back into IPSC. Just cost too much.

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    All cartridges have recoil. Even .22 Short.
    Bullseye(ISSF is the authority now) is shot with .22's. Both rifles and handgun. Serious target firearms can get expensive, but they don't have to be. Any semi-auto .22 pistol with adjustable sights will do. Rifles usually have heavy barrels and target sights on 'em. A Savage Mark II FVT is an example of a lower priced(MSRP is $479US) target rifle.
    Ditto for Canadian Shooting Sports Association and Shooting Federation of Canada bullseye matches.
    Where you are matters as these matches are all club level things. Great fun too. And you don't have to be good to have fun.
    There's also Biathlon. Skiing and shooting in winter. Cycling or running and shooting in summer. Biathlon rifles are usually mag fed, straight pull, bolt action, .22 target rifles. Any .22 target rifle will do though. A purpose built biathlon rifle starts at a bit below 2 grand.

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    Competition sport for .22LR?

    Maplesee is not really a competition though a great tool to get you there and lots of fun.

    Look into the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series. It may be of interest.

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