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    Cool MDT LSS -XL Chassis Giveaway.

    #MDT has given me permission to give away the LSS XL Remington Short action chassis that I used for several reviews. It's fully loaded with rail, butt stock, and grip. This chassis is in pristine condition!

    To be entered you need to do two things:
    1. go to my Youtube channel G7 Rangetech and share one of my reviews to Facebook.
    2. Post a comment or video about your best long range shot to Precision Rifle Canada Facebook page:

    Drawing will be made January 1st 2017.
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    Precision Rifle Canada- I am not sure where to find this?
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    Sorry about that. I added a link. Let me know if it works.

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    so I guess us normal folks that don't do facephuck are out then...
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    If you would like to post something on all means.

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    so cool no im subed

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    Hi Everyone,

    If you entered the draw by sharing a video and experience to Precision Rifle Canada on FB please share on here. I planto do the draw tomorrow, to allow anyone who has answered a chance to respond.


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