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    Accurizing the SKS Rifle - A Discussion

    I have two stocks for this rifle. One for dinking with (laminated - bedded / painted white) - the original I keep stock (Arctic Birch).

    Situation: This SKS shot consistent 6" to 8" groups at 100 metres. That isn't stellar performance but people just expect their SKS to shoot like that. "It is what it is and there is nothing you can do about it". I keep reading on various forums that bedding the SKS is a waste of time. REALLY?

    Mission: To accurize the SKS rifle in a military production soviet laminated stock.

    Execution: Watch this video to find out what I did and how accuracy was affected. There is very little information on how to accurize the SKS. From what I've been able to read accurizing usually stops at sticking the rifle in an after-market Tapco stock...

    Other Considerations: I've always been a fan of the military issued stock. Readily available and affordable. So if you want to give this a try and do some experimenting of your own (and not destroy the collectable value of your rifle) give it some thought.

    Other Resources: Tudenom had gone through a similar process some time ago and this RC video prompted him to share his experience and what he did to get smaller groups with a similar Russian SKS.

    I do not advocate bubba / sporting your military surplus rifles. However I see no problem if you can return your rifle to full military condition.

    Enjoy the video and as always

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