Looking for a compact 9mm? Check out the Grand Power P1S


Caliber: 9mm Luger
Trigger mechanism: SA / DA
Trigger pull weight: 20-25N / 35-40N
Overall length: 187.5mm
Height without magazine: 118,0mm
Width: 36mm
Barrel length: 106mm in Canada
Weight w empty magazine: 710g
Standard magazine capacity: 10 rounds

P1S is an SA/DA model with a shorter barrel and slide. This makes the gun a compact version of K100, still maintaining the original firing capacity and the comfort of grip. This feature is mainly appreciated at concealed carrying for personal defence. The accuracy and shooting action remains unchanged comparing to the full-sized models despite the shortened barrel. The standard sights consist of a side-adjustable steel rear sight and plastic front sight, fibre-optic front sight fitted on customer´s demand.

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