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    Quote Originally Posted by kennymo View Post
    Had a ‘Reuben burger’ at the diner next to the shop today. (Incidentally, also next to the Firing Line for you locals) Turns our a Reuben sandwich stuffed inside a cheeseburger is pretty amazing. Back on the diet now, I’ve gotten a little sloppy with it since Easter. Still down a few pounds though.
    their food is quite good, stopped there couple times

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    I love it when the weekend is over and the kids disperse. Not for the lack of love for the kids and grandchildren but we finally get food that we like.....


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    I just chowed down on grilled steak and asparagus! Tried a couple tenderloin steaks off this year’s beef, they are to die for. Asparagus was just boiled, I was short on time. Tossed it in butter with a dash of basil and fresh ground pepper. I prefer to bake them in a foil dish on the high rack in the grill with a little butter and spice, then toss them on the main grill to finish and get a few char marks.
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    Damn you guys and your pictures, I was on track for a spot in Heaven now I well on my way to hell for lusting over what I am seeing and reading!
    We were told he wasn't ready, now we know he will never be!

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