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    Hung over from our Dallas flight..... Gawd it’s good to see the Old Shack again. Preparation = minimal, tastes pretty good after bouncing all over NA due to this “thing”...... Good to load some coal again!


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    Chicken Fajita (dinner for two)

    Sliced chicken breast, onions, green/red/yellow peppers, salsa sauce, in the frying pan.
    Warmed soft tortillas.
    Kraft Habanero sliced cheese.

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    Spaghetti & Meatballs/Sausage

    Spaghetti is pretty obvious.

    Sauce is "Classico Italian Sausage, Peppers & Onions". Classico is available in several places, but this variant I can only find at WalMart.

    The meat, for each person, is
    • 12 M&M Italian Style Beef Meatballs (here) weighing 1/5 pound, and
    • one Maple Leaf Hot Italian Pork Sausage (here) weighing 1/4 pound, sliced into half rings

    The sausage is decently spicy. Far more spicy than the sauce.
    The meatballs resemble a hamburger.
    The spaghetti is spaghetti.
    At half a pound, there's certainly enough meat here.

    Years ago I got minor food poisoning from undercooked meatballs, so now I cook them oddly.
    • I preheat the oven and a pan to 400F bake.
    • defrost the meat in a microwave in two bowls, separately
    • cook the meat in the microwave, both bowls in at the same time with plates as lids, at full power for a minute. This just barely gets them to 160F, which should kill everything
    • 8 minutes in a metal pan in the oven set to broil at 450F. This makes them a hair caramelized.
    • 3 minutes after the meat is in the oven, I put the spaghetti into the boiling water for its 10 minute boil, and turn on the sauce to medium-low
    • The spaghetti & sauce has been heating for 5 minutes, I dump the meat into the sauce and turn the sauce to medium. This returns moisture to the meat.
    • 5 minutes later, strain the spaghetti, and return it to a dry large bowl, and pour the sauce&meat in with it and stir.
    • put on a double plate. The lower plate catches spill over, which is a bigger problem when I get more sauce. It also allows me to eat on the couch without burning myself since the second plate acts as an insulator.

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    A decent timer really helps keep all these timed events happen on time.
    I got a red one.

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