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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke View Post
    Went to see Dunkirk last night. 9.5/10

    You need to be alert, as it cover 3 stories, and flips back and forth in the timeline, and they intertwine.

    But a great movie and very well done.
    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    I saw it tonight. 8/10
    Simultaneously dull and interesting.
    The audience liked the small ship's captain.
    The IMAX theatre's sound may have been off, since the bass was thumpy for no discernible reason, and at spots the voices were not understandable...
    Watched it tonight on Netflix.
    Actually noticed the sound and thought it was great.
    The effects (I assume CGI) were great, it sure looked like they crashed a Spitfire.

    Lots of Spitfire porn, lots of old wood boats porn, great movie.

    Don't blame me, I didn't vote for that clown. Oct 20, '15

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    John Wick 3 is a terrible film by any objective analysis.

    Objective Analysis. (In 2019 any good film must answer YES to most of these questions to receive an honorable critic recommendation.)
    1. Are Democratic Candidates represented in the film? No
    2. Are Gillette products used? No
    3. Are gay rights presented? No
    4. Are there abortions? No
    5. Are there anxiety attacks? No
    6. Are there clowns? No
    7. Are there fat jokes? No
    8. Are there ghosts? No
    9. Are there incestuous relationships? No
    10. Are there jumpscares? No
    11. Are there snakes? No
    12. Are there spiders? No
    13. Does a cat die? No.
    14. Does a dragon die? No
    15. Does a horse die? No.
    16. Does a plane crash? No
    17. Does someone abuse alcohol? No
    18. Does someone cheat on their spouse? No
    19. Does someone die by suicide? No
    20. Does someone drown? No
    21. Does someone fart or spit? No
    22. Does someone have an eating disorder? No
    23. Does someone have cancer? No
    24. Does someone miscarry? No
    25. Does someone smoke cannabis? No
    26. Is Oprah Winfrey in the film? No
    27. Is President Obama in the film? No
    28. Is Santa (et al) spoiled? No
    29. Is it filmed in 8mm black-and-white? No
    30. Is someone gaslighted? No
    31. Is someone misgendered? No
    32. Is someone possessed? No
    33. Is someone sexually assaulted? No
    34. Is someone stalked? No
    35. Is the director woke? No
    36. Is there a LGBT sex scene? No
    37. Is there a hospital scene? No
    38. Is there a nuclear explosion? No
    39. Is there a shower scene? No
    40. Is there addiction? No
    41. Is there body dysmorphia? No
    42. Is there childbirth? No
    43. Is there hate speech? No
    44. Is there high-school romance? No
    45. Is there shakey cam? No
    46. Is there shaving of male genitalia? No

    Most of the minions use only one arm. If John Wick grabs them by that arm, they hold their other arm at their thigh or behind their back until they are killed.

    But other than that 8/10

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