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    Oh, I thought the Natalie Wood reference was pretty on the nose when watching it.(I didn't watch the video yet, so I probably missed a bunch of other obvious stuff)

    I watched Underwater(2020) yesterday, the action starts immediately and it doesn't slow down much for the whole movie.
    Worth wasting time on if you need a movie. No rememberable characters, creatures(for the most part), or scenes, but mindless enjoyment.
    If they pulled an Alien and developed the characters at the start it might of even been a noteworthy movie. Maybe
    the wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept

    Aptet aut mori

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    I give it a P.U. a real stinker compared to the others. As an action/anti-hero picture it's a "Rambo" film I wasn't feeling it.

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