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    Sightron - are they worth it now?

    I have an older model sightron, it's a 3*13*42 mildot. I tracks perfectly, never had an issue with it... The newer models from sightron seem very expensive compared to what I remember paying 13-15 years ago. Are they twice as good now, or is my money worth half as much as it was back in the late 90s/early 2000s?

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    If you look around,pretty sure all optics have gone up substantially in the last 15 years,just like everything else. Sightrons still seem to be good bang-for-buck IMO.......

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    Sightron makes an excellent rifle scope, great glass and clarity with features that are on-par in the price class.

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    I like mine, I have an SIII FFP on my TRG 42.

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    I haven't been following them too closely, but enough to know they've always been good, solid, scopes.

    Seems to me they were lower-priced before the name-recognition and reputation kicked in. Now everyone knows they're good, and pays their worth.

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    Well i must say i mounted one for a guy 6 years ago . I had a leupold and a cuonquest all 6x20 s to mount that week . the big sky 11 was the best glass and are my go to scope for that $ .

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