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    New to me Mossberg 535

    Well I did it. I bought my first shotgun. I found a great deal on a used Mossberg 535 so i decided to pick it up. It felt really good when I shouldered it and I think it will meet my needs of mostly goose and duck hunting. Any tips from other owners they want to share about this gun?

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    Shoot it lots?

    The Mossberg pump design is pretty solid, I almost bought a wood stocked 535 a number of years back when I decided I needed a 3-1/2" gun with choke tubes. Turns out the 870 laminate super magnum fits me like a glove though.
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    Yea this one has 3 chokes and shoots 3-1/2" as well. I was also looking at an 870 and remembered what you said to me in another thread about picking the one that feels best when shouldered. My dad has an 870 express and a wingmaster so I know I will be shooting those lots too. I will be shooting this one lots too

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    Have you had a go at it yet? I lent mine out for it's maiden voyage and it jammed continuously...wouldn't extract. Once i got it back in hand i ripped it apart, wiped down all the parts, gave it a really light oiling and slapped it back together. It'll take a little extra arm with winchester ammo, but everything else runs through it like last nights chili now

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