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    I bought the mossberg patriot last week in 30-06. I looked at the axis/rem. 783 and a few other budget rifles but ended up with the patriot. The scope is half descent compared to others. All in all - you cant go wrong with either one.

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    I have a Patriot in 30.06, shoots great right out of the box. It's severely limited in aftermarket parts right now, I'd love to throw it in an MDT or ORYX and see the difference. I have it in laminated/cerakote which is light and it makes for an easy carry all day in the bush. I do wish it came with iron sights or a dovetail to throw one on, but that's just my personal preference. I don't have any experience with the AXIS, but I do have a Savage 64 FVSR and it's been one of my most reliable guns, so I have nothing bad to say about Savage.

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    Savage are favourites with me but never tried a Mossberg. I would also look at a Thompson Center, my son has one in .270 and it is excellent.
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    all i know is the thin walled ribbed barrels of the cheap mossbergs package scope-riffle for 400$ (called 4X4 ?) were funky shooters: after 5 shots,barrel gets hot,then the shots are moving randomly on target. all the axis i've got to work on were very good shooters,but had a terribly hard easy choice to make between the two.

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    Savage are favourites with me but never tried a Mossberg. I would also look at a Thompson Center, my son has one in .270 and it is excellent.
    savage generally gets you pretty darn good barrels....and at the opposite of many,i really like the plastic accutrigger lol.
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    No complaints with my Patriot.

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    i have 2 axis a 223 and a 308 both accurate out of the box
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