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    This thread is better than I could possibly have hoped for. It's my new favorite thing about Cabellas!

    At least if RM worked at Cabellas they'd have one employee with a clue

    Yes women can be scary ken but just picture them all naked. This day and age yer gag reflex might get a workout but you won't be afeared no more.

    I've started over 3 times now...I guess I'm a 3 time born again redneck... at least my kids all love me.
    We're kin cuz we shoot! What we shoot, and what we shoot at, shouldn't matter!

    "The worst an honest man can do is make an honest mistake" ~ Augustus McCrae
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rory McCanuck View Post
    "Good job, Rory! You only owe $800 this payday..."
    Ain't that the God honest truth. I spent 2 years working in a fishing and hunting store. Pretty sure 75 - 80% of my paycheck went right back to the store.

    Best job I ever had. When I retire, if there's still such things as fishing and hunting stores 30 years from now, I intend to "work" a couple days a week in one.
    I'd rather make a difference than a dollar.

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    Sounds like fun to me. I would love to give fishing advice to people since I can't catch anything myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swampdonkey View Post
    Women are scary. It gets worse when you get married.
    No it doesn't, provided you use the magic phrase "yes dear" all the time. Then you never have any issues.........
    "Mr. Speaker, we really could replace Justin Trudeau with a cardboard cutout, and his peanut gallery wouldn't know the difference"

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