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    Marlin 336BL review

    so a while ago i picked up a marlin 336BL, one of that last ones in canada at the time.
    I decided to write this because i feel there has been a lot of people without hands on experience giving the new marlins a bad name (remlin). Even some of the staff at wholesale sports tried to stear me away from buying one. The staff at this wholesale sports was terrible but thats beside this thread.

    As soon as it came in i noticed that it wasnt the smoothest of lever actions to cycle. A henry big boy was the smoothest ive ever tried.
    I took it apart and lighty sanded away any metal flashes the were on the working parts. As to the poor reputation there were some of these flashes.

    It took hardly any time to fix. I also bought snap caps to practice cycling the action, between this and range time it really smoothed the whole thing out and is now very slick.

    So as for the metal flashes from what i found this is true.

    One thing that bugs me is the 336BL holds one less round then advertised. People have said that if you remove one link from the magazine spring that it will then hold the last round( the last round feeds 90%). I didnt do this and i have no intentions of ever doing this.

    Ive also been told new marlins have trouble extracting. For mine this is FALSE. it has never had a failure to extract no matter what rounds ive feed or what angle ive tried to extract.

    To me this rumour is false

    The gun is heavy for such a short gun but everything locks up tight. I replaced the irons for a skinner black gold express peep sights. only because i dislike buckhorn sights and prefer peeps. i also mounted a 3-9 optic on this gun.

    336bl with skinner sights

    the big loop is awesome. In my opinion it is the best size "big loop" out there. its just small enough that a bare hand can cycle without too much of a gap and it can fit a glove perfect. i hear a lot of people say the big loop is for looks. when i see that i can tell clearly they have not used a lever action in canada during winter or fall months.

    The laminate wood is awesome. it has a natural look and is durable for tough field use.

    free handed i got a 3 shot group under one inch at the 50m mark when doing my first zero.

    ive also got 2moa with this at 100 shooting free hand. im going to practice this again and try to close this up even more. i didnt take any pictures of this because i believe i could have done better.

    the 336BL has also never had a misfire to this day.

    one thing i want to clear up is ive also heard people saying that its got too meny safes and the lever safety gets in the way.

    OKAY its got a half cock safety, its got a crossbolt safety and its got the lever safety. the lever safety is a non issue ive read that "you really have to squeese the lever for it to fire" NOT AT ALL it just has to close.


    I took a small black bear this year but it was the last day hunting for me so i took what i had.
    The bear died almost instantly. it rolled over and i heard the death moan no tracking required.

    In review i would buy this gun again and do recommend it at 570$ it is a great option for those who like lever actions.
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    Great review zulu, and thanks.
    We hear quite a bit of how bad Remlins are, but not much about the good guns
    they actually are producing. A case of just hearing the squeaky wheels.
    Many complain about the build quality, but they also wouldn't pay $1000-1200
    for "just an old lever-action 30-30"
    I had a look at a Miroku built Winchester '94 a couple of weeks ago. Wow, what a nice
    rifle! The downside is, to get that kind of build quality, it's going to cost $1000+
    Nice to see "Marlin" is still producing a decent rifle that is still affordable.

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