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    This was long overdue…

    Those are In-Line Fabrication’s 4” Micro Ultra mounts. I raised the presses off the bench surface, and chose these mounts to move the downward force from the presses further back on the table surface (with the way the mounts are designed). The bench is a U-Line heavy duty packing bench with a 1-3/4” thick maple top. Reinforced underneath with an adjustable (IKEA) table leg in the center. Also, the bench is bolted to the studs in the wall. Believe me, it doesn’t move. Which is quite the change from my old set up… a repurposed door. That had a lot of flex in it.

    The bench has power outlets on both sides of the front. I also put in a heavy duty (rated at 1400#’s) shelving unit (on the left) to accommodate the components and firearms cleaning stuff. Again a big change from the plastic shelves that were buckling under the weight (especially from the bullets). Powder and primers are locked up in the cabinets.
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    A work in progress, only have a 4ft bench. I was looking at inline fab's wall organizer system, that might happen later.

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