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    Lisa Raitt in Vernon, firearms question.

    Lisa Riatt was in Vernon this am. Smart lady, answered many questions and apparently going to have a interview in the next edition of Calbre Magazine. She knows the importance of the firearms vote. Agreed Parliament and NOT the rcmp should make laws on firearms.

    She did a excellent job on all questions from the audience and after asking many myself was impressed to the point I am giving her my vote.

    She is straight forward, well spoken and deserves all firearms owner to take a serious look at her policies,

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    She cut Elizabeth May's rant short when it could've gotten even funnier.

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    Riatt is pretty down to earth , and seems to be pretty well respected by all political stripes . She was born in Sydney , N.S. I believe , and raised by her grand parents . She would certainly be a lot better choice than Kevin O'Leary for sure.....
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    I have found her serious and thoughtful in her ideas and policy. Has a law background too, which helps to understand how law making works. Without that, politicians spin up new stuff, watch it being struck down by the courts, and then end up yelling at the TV like the rest of us. Knowledge goes farther than a wish to change things. I have not decided yet - still watching, but she is one of the few that stand out as a possibility. Interesting to see she immediately saw O'Leary is the threat.

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