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    Winchester Model 70 Update - Range Report

    I was able to get the rifle out to the range today with a sight in and testing some loads, here are the results.

    Load Data:
    Powder used: 7828 SSC
    Bullets: Lapua Scenar-L - 220 Grain
    Primer: Winchester Large Mag
    Cal: 300wm

    Front Support - Bipod - Standard Harris
    Rear Support - JSA Tactical Bags
    Scope: Nightforce SHV™ 5-20×56

    Range and Weather:
    Range: 100 yards
    Temp: +1 Degree
    Wind: None


    75 Grains had the best results, followed by 74 grains. More than likely i'll stay with 75 grains maybe work down by .1 grains to see if there are any results.
    Having a stable rest would have given me better results, with the JSA bag, it held well but I had to re-adjust each time because it wasn't the exact height with the 3 bags I had.


    75 Grains of 7828 SSC
    Notes: 1 Flyer
    MOA with Flyer: .574
    MOA without Flyer: .395

    74.5 Grains of 7828 SSC
    MOA: .693

    74 Grains of 7828 SSC
    Notes: 2 Flyers (you could hear me swear across the range both times)
    MOA with Flyers: 1.083
    MOA without Flyers: .505

    Notes: Not worth posting results, 2 flyers and moa around 1 ish

    Notes: decided to not shoot based on 73.5 results.
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