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    Walther PPQ Q5 With or Without Optic?

    Just getting started with pistols and firearms in general after a long long break. Just curious as to opinions on the Q5 and your optic decisions. Have purchased without sight, but intending on buying a sight eventually(most likely sooner rather than later).

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    Depends, there's a few schools of thought and options for each of them.

    Knowing what I know now about pistol shooting, what it takes to become good, what's useful and what's useless. I'd say start off straight with a red dot sight. I'll quote another post of mine which provides a bit more explanation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Booletsnotreactwell View Post
    Lastly, I'd say get a red dot sight for the pistol/have one milled to accept the instal. Learning iron sights is great and many traditionalists will say one should always learn on irons first. That's the way I did it but it's the hard way. I learned to drive a car stick after learning to drive an automatic car and tractor trailer, once I had everything down adding an extra complexity was fairly simple. Same thing with iron sights, there's extra complexity involved. If you use a red dot it gets much simpler and you can really focus in on trigger press which is 90% of the battle, once that's mastered you can swap back to irons and figure them out. Iron sights sound simple but you're doing a lot more things vs a red dot, a red dot takes 2-3 steps out of the equation and allows you to focus on simply sight picture, dot is where you want it, okay now press the trigger.

    Now if you're not going to get a red dot right off the bat or you wanna learn the hard way, which is perfectly understandable. Get a two dot (snowman sight) or fiber optic sight set.

    The WORST thing you can do as a beginner is put on a set of night sights, the second worst thing would be to settle on a generic three dot setup. As a new guy you'll have to learn to focus on the front sight and proper alignment of the front and rear sight. You don't want a cluttered sight picture, you want something really simple so that you really focus on the front sight instead of just "looking" at it. Night sights and/or three dot sights either blank or also night sight variety will likely have you develop a tendency to "look" at the sight since the dots all look the same and night sights have horrible contrast during day time.

    My recommendation is either traditional old school "Bomar cut" target sights OR the newer style fiber optic sights, not just any though. If you're going with a fiber optic sight go with one that only has a fiber optic front, with the rear sight being just a solid metal piece with a U cutout or square cutout. With the rear illumination/dots beginners often get too caught up with with the whole "equal light equal height" thing and even worse lose focus of the front sight, this leads to poor shooting. The sights that have a very plain and simple rear with a very bright front post are most conducive to learning proper sight alignment/picture.

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    Thanks, that's a great reply to my question, much appreciated.

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