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    Question How To Bed A Mosin Nagant

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if any of you guys knew where I could get some solid information on the best way to Bed My Pretty Russian Ladies!
    The one I just got is in pretty good shape. I just cleaned all the Cosmoline out of her...not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
    The other one has seen some rough times. She has a small crack in the stock that needs a bit of mending and when I asked various people about how to go about that, they all recommend Acraglas....and then mentioned bedding.
    I'm not sure how to go about it all, fixing the crack seems easy in theory, but I haven't found a good site that shows me how to do it.....or the bedding.

    aaaaaand....another newbie question. Why should I Bed it ? What does it actually do to improve the rifles performance ?
    I haven't fired the new girl yet, but the rough one fires well and the bolt is like glass !

    Thanks all !

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    Bedding= accuracy. My advice is to repair the cracked stock/s and zero the rifles at 100 yards. With iron battle sights, if you're shooting an 8" spread @ 100 yards you're doing well.
    If the rifle isn't performing at least that, and your other rifles do (read: it isn't the shooter), then you have some investigating to do. I start with the bore/muzzle and go backward from there. YMMV.
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    The Finns didn't bed them, but rather shimmed the action and floated the barrel.

    The things that they did with that rifle..
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    Can you post pics of the split in the wood? There's a picture posting Sticky around here somewhere...
    A detailed description would be second best (length, position, is it with the grain, defects in the wood, etc.)?

    Here's a link to cork bedding the barrel, there's a picture in the bottom right of the page that shows the Russian way to shim it.

    You can also start by shimming the action, the idea being to isolate the barrel; you can use shim stock (brass, pop can pieces, etc.)at the front and rear tang... I'm on my tablet, and can't find a page on this, Google may be your friend.

    Another (permanent) option is pillar bedding... or yet another as you said, traditional action bedding with a free float barrel along with cork/leather shims at trial and error points at the end of the barrel... a recommended place to start with this type of pressure point barrel shimming is the front band.

    ... I just found my old thread on my masticated Mosin, and I never did video the range results. I'll put it on my list. This is pillar bedded, and free floated,haven't shot her in quite a while.

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    I think the best thing is to repair the cracked stock then take them out and try them both.
    If, after a few outings they are not shooting up to snuff, Then you can try shimming or whatever.

    Important to get used to firing them first though, so as not to be fixing a problem that doesn't exist. :-) It takes a while getting used to a different rifle, so shoot and clean for a start.
    The M-N Collector's forum is a good place to look. Old Bill on there never seems to bed or shim anything and gets Very good results...

    I have one that is still refusing to play nice though! Had 5 or 6 that would really shoot, and one that refuses (up to now) :-)
    Good luck!

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    "...a small crack in the stock..." Use one of the needle style applicators for epoxy glue. Spread the crack enough to get the needle in and follow the direction on the package.
    Acraglas is epoxy with some fibreglass for filler and a colouring agent. Costs about $30 in your local gun shop. Pricey for crack fixing. It is a bedding kit that'll do 2, I think, rifles.
    Bedding makes the stock and barreled receiver more of a one piece thing. Removes any kind of movement of the receiver in the stock. Unless your rifle has a new stock and a really good barrel, bedding a milsurp probably isn't worth the time or money. If the rifle doesn't shoot reasonably well already, bedding won't help. Might make it more consistent though.
    A free floated barrel guarantees nothing. The Finns weren't working with 60 or 70 year old rifles either.

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