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Thread: CSSA vs CCFR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yogi05 View Post
    Wasn't Tracey's comment during an interview, and referring the number of mags out there vs. the number of charger pistols something to the effect that (mags vs. pistols) "it would be easier to ban the pistols"[sic] ?? meaning there are many less chargers than 10/22 mags.
    I think so too.
    Tracey's was wrong thinking though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bittereinder View Post
    I think I read somewhere that there are fewer than 500 charger pistols in Canada.
    1.25 million, over 10 round, Ruger 10/22 rifle magazines, sold in Canada in the past 30 years, according to the distributor (Tony Bernardo on Brian Lilley).

    200,000 Ruger 10/22 rifles. ( up to 2012 was 125,000. Add the 17,000 per year after that based on the 2011 LGR recorded purchases).

    486 Ruger Chargers in Canada ( )

    1964: Ruger introduces 10/22 and begins production with 10-round rotary box magazines designed and manufactured for it (By 2016 approximately 200,000 of them are in Canada)

    early '70s - larger magazines, including drums, start to appear on the market, designed and manufactured for you guessed it

    1977: Butler Creek designs the 25/22 magazine, which will prove to be the most popular of these mags

    1978: Butler Creek patents 25 round magazine for 10/22 (By 2016 approximately a million of these in Canada according to the distributor, worth over $30 million)

    2006: Harper government elected

    2007: Ruger introduces Charger pistol

    2008: first Charger pistol purchased in Canada (By 2012 approximately 486 of them are in Canada)

    2012: Ruger copies BC with their BX-25 but foolishly labels it as both a rifle and a pistol magazine

    2013: CFP Bulletin 72, 2013-09-05

    2014: A new version of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course is published, which again states, twice, that there is no round limit on rimfire magazines.

    2014: Daniel Guay informs Profit River (CGN Contributing Dealer) that 25-shot and 110-shot 10/22 magazines are prohibited. (here)

    2015: IRUNGUNS sent that 2014 memo to the Minister of Public Safety. (here)

    2015: Liberals release policy promising to "put decision-making about weapons restrictions back in the hands of police."

    2015: Trudeau government elected

    2016: RCMP declares 25 round aftermarket magazines that fit the 10/22 and Charger are prohibited devices.

    With the imperious stroke of a pen, the RCMP has turned into criminals thousands of law abiding gun owners who were doing their best to obey the law. They now are afoul of a police-imposed prohibition on a common accessory for the most popular of .22 rifles. Now deemed illegal are magazines holding more than 10 rounds for the venerable Ruger 10/22.
    It so happens I have one of these rifles. My wife gave it to me for my birthday 37 years ago. I remember because it was the first year of our marriage. The Ruger clinched it. A dandy little rifle for gophers, crows and, especially, tin cans, it is enormous fun to shoot. It also is ubiquitous. Not too many firearms enthusiasts don’t have a Ruger 10/22. I would be surprised if any of Canada’s Olympic shooters, for instance, have not had one in their gun safe. Among farmers, ranchers and hunters, it is almost standard equipment.
    The 10/22 comes with a 10-round magazine. A lot of owners, maybe most of them, buy extra magazines of various sizes up to 50 rounds. While one person shoots, another can be loading the extra magazine. If you don’t think it’s fun to send a tin can flying with 50 rounds as fast as you can pull the trigger, you haven’t tried it.
    -- hxxp://[/QUOTE]

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    I belong to both CSSA & CCFR. I used to belong to the NFA until it imploded.

    IMO, it's a good thing to have multiple organizations work for us. Theres a lot of good work being done by both orgs.

    Do I think Tracy screwed up in one of her first interviews? Yup, but having had the opportunity to be placed before a camera/microphone shoved in your face I understand how a seemingly innocuous answer (ill thought out as it was in hindsight) to a question can be damaging. That mistake was acknowledged and we all learned from the incident. As to the tweet or facebook comment or whatever the f%&$ message media posted by Mike, I stated I am disappointed in his action, but I hope he/they can learn/rebound from this as well.

    I think this topic has been beaten to death and clearly demonstrates how divided we as gun owners are, more's the pity.

    I have found money talks and bulls&% walks, so I'm going to leave this thread with one question:
    Sewktbk, you've been quite vociferous in your position and critique of the CCFR, may I ask what organization you've put your money and support behind?
    "Mr. Speaker, we really could replace Justin Trudeau with a cardboard cutout, and his peanut gallery wouldn't know the difference"

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTW View Post
    I think this topic has been beaten to death and clearly demonstrates how divided we as gun owners are, more's the pity.

    Perusing this thread, it seems that "most" are willing to forgive and go forward and a small select few are purposely trolling. I don't think gun owners are as divided as everyone thinks. Its divide and conquer tactics promoted by a few with an agenda to discredit a new gun organization. The CCFR must be doing something right if they are starting to attract the attention of disruptive trolls....

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    So they banned the Charger as a result of Tracy's comment? You guys are way too sensitive. She said it would be easier to remove the pistol than all of the magazines. That is actually a fact if you wanted to look at it as numbers. Big deal. It was a point made to demonstrate the lack of thought behind the 10/22 magazine capacity restriction.

    The mistake was not in messaging to government, but in taking care of the feelings of some of the membership. It is clearly the biggest faux pas a person can ever make, to remind gun org members of the possibility of compromising and making trade offs with government. We are clearly far better off not negotiating and staying the course with complaining. Right? Or not? But really, even in inaction, the large capacity magazine owners are thrown under the bus to save the Charger owners their pistols. There is no winning without changing the government policy.

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