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    2017 Bootstrap Prairie M14 Clinic & Shoot

    The 3rd annual, 2017 Bootstrap Prairie M14 Clinic & shoot near Saskatoon, Canada is set for May 26th through 28th. For you guys who want to know pretty much anything you could possibly know about the M1 pattern rifles, our own John Rogers (M14 Medic) will be on hand all weekend to scratch that itch for you. A few of us other flunkies might know a thing or two as well

    The format this year will be a bit different in that we will be running precision rifle on Sunday, as that's generally what it turns into after we've had our fill of shooting the semi-autos. What we plan to do is roughly thus:

    - Friday evening, May 26 will be meet & greet, set up, rifle inspections & tinkering, and final range setup if necessary

    - Saturday morning, May 27 will be full-on rifle rehab for those who want it / need it. Be prepared this year, however, I'm not willing to just let John do all the work for you guys, as has happened in the past - you're actually going to pay attention and do the work yourselves. John will be available to show you stuff but he's missed too much of the fun stuff these last two years! Bring whatever tools you have, John and the rest of us regulars will fill in the gaps.
    - Saturday afternoon will be a bit of a take off from previous clinics where we just sort of loosely assembled and started shooting; I won't get into too many details but after sighting adjustments, we will be running a course of fire that will get you using your brains and get you 'battle ready'... well, as much as can be done legally. Bring slings and good boots! This COF is intended for iron sights rather than scopes, so please be ready to participate in this manner if at all possible. There will be time for you to play around with scoped rifles later in the day.

    - Sunday, May 28 will be our precision rifle event. The COF here is modeled after PRS comps with targets out to 1050 yards and a possible bonus target at 1506 yards. Allsorts in between.

    I would like to ask that everyone bring a donation, as we will have a rental porta-john there for your comfort and since the main staple of most M14's is FMJ ammunition, they're hard on targets, which are anything but cheap. We would like to continue to run these clinics for years to come and there are fairly large maintenance costs. We appreciate your understanding.

    Another 'new' thing this year is the Bootstrap garage sale. If you have extra bits laying around that you would like to get rid of or trade for something else, bring them out. You may find another fella is looking for what you have two of.

    PM Rooster to sign up. Once you're on the confirmed list, I will share details on clinic location. What I will tell you is that the range is approximately 45 minutes west of Saskatoon. Hit us with questions and let's get rollin'!

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    How did this turn out, curious?

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    Holy smokes, guess I haven't been around here for a while...

    The clinic / shoot was cancelled this year. I've had a monumentous amount of crap take a left turn on me & some of my family this year. To be perfectly honest, one of the last things I felt capable of doing at that times was trying to host a bunch of enthusiastic people while attempting to display anything similar. Instead, I just had a few very close pals come out to camp & shoot. Turned into more of a retreat weekend than anything - which is exectly what I needed.

    I do intend to continue our annual clinic & shoot next year. It's a hell of a pile of fun & we have some of the best M14-ish guys wrenching, tuning, & teaching that you could hope to find in this country. Stay tuned, as I will put notice out here again in the spring.


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